Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scent-sational! Soap and Paper Factory candles!

At the Grand Central Station Holiday Market, I visited the Soap and Paper Factory booth.  Unlike many cheesy holiday candle booths,  this shop sold sophisticated candles/ soaps/ and lotions that smelled delicious and were decorated beautifully.  All items are made locally in New York with natural ingredients and earth-friendly packaging, and of course, can be purchased online.

The floral collection featured hand-drawn wall-paperesque packaging designs.
My two favorite scents were Gardenia and Jasmine. I purchased a candle of each scent, and I burn them at the same time for a sultry and fresh custom blend. Other products in the "collection" include solid perfume, hand cream, room diffusers, room spray and shea butter soaps.

The most intriguing products were of the Patch NYC collection.  "A vintage-inspired collection of artisan scented soy candles crafted by hand."

The scents come in names such as Fedora and Pipe.  The saleswoman recommended to burn these two together.  Combining witty wordplay with seductive scents- how can you lose?

Fedora: (citrus, vetiver, nutmeg, patchouli) circa 1920's debonair gent strolling the countryside, a most stylish fragrance

Pipe: (vanilla, bourbon, cognac, tobacco & patchouli) soft and mellow like a worn leather chair, smooth as a snifter of brandy

Candles are $36.00 and burn for 75 hours. Completely justified splurge to turn your home into an exotic land of scentsations...

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