Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FJALLRAVEN-the backpack that HAUNTS ME!

Everywhere I turn, I see a rectangular backpack with a logo of a fox and Swedish language! I thought I was going crazy, or that my subway train was overrun by European tourists.    Then, I noticed the same backpack at a trend-forward denim store, Industrie Denim in San Francisco.

THEN, I was on JCREW's KIDS website tonight, and voila! Swedish backpack!  After the universe smacking me repeatedly on the head with this fox icon, I decided I needed find out what the heck all of the hype is about.

Name:  Fjällräven® classic Kanken backpack

Tell me a little about yourself:  Well, my name means "arctic fox." I am a frame backpack made of super-durable nylon. I come in a variety of bright colors and I am proud to boast a brand heritage of 60 years, and all the Scandinavian kids have been toting me around since I debuted in 1978!


There is even a site called I Love my Kanken!

I'm not sure if I will actually buy one.... would you?


Friday, July 27, 2012

Bellatrix Digital Print Tops. leSTRANGE faux sweater/ sequin prints!

The Bellatrix brand, bearing the same name as the feared villain in the Harry Potter movies but having Nothing to do with Harry Potter, has a Nordstrom exclusive top that is leSTRANGE, in a very good way. 

This Digital Print top is the perfect answer to a summer sweater.  Light weight, silky fabric is printed with a digital image of a cable-knit sweater! This top is a great way to add texture to your look while staying cool in these NYC heat waves. The print is sure to turn heads as people try to figure out what the heck you are wearing... but in a good way.  Plus, the sheer yoke and back neck tie add some serious style!

Get yours now at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale while the prices are still low for this brand new item!  I bought it in Cable Knit Print and Sequin Print.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nordstroms: Trend Jewels!

Baubles of all shapes, colors and sizes.  Bold on-trend cocktail rings, bangles, dangling earrings and statement necklaces.  Nordstrom has really stepped up its trend factor. Check out some of my favorite picks below:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Custom Smoked Meats- made to order

When I was in 6th grade, I thought the height of customization was getting my initials embroidered on my eggplant LLBean backpack.

Nowadays, you can get just about anything custom made.  Consumers are more conscious of the value of things.  If you are going to pay a premium price, you had better do your homework to make sure you are getting your money's worth.

Enter: custom smoked meats.  Now I thought I had heard of everything, but a good friend of mine in Long Island bought a meat smoker, and he enjoys using it so much, he is now taking custom orders.  Imagine deliciously smoked salmon, hickory flavored through and through and marinated for hours to your exact specifications. 

Need to impress at a house party? Just want to treat yourself and help out your fellow foodie enthusiast? Let me know.  This dude means business!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to put on a duvet cover!

I like to buy duvet covers instead of multiple comforters.  Because they are made of sheet fabric and can easily be removed, they are much easier to clean than actual comforters, and they can change the entire look of an apartment.  Plus, they take up less space.

Like how a bed can go from this: (Ralph Lauren) simple, understated chic

To THIS loud crazy patterned DVF number:

HOWEVER, until a few moments ago, I agonized and dreaded putting a fresh duvet cover ON.  This is because its damn near impossible... or so I thought.

After trying every method I could think of, including climbing inside the duvet cover while dragging the blanket unsuccessful toward its corners... I decided to google the experts.

The blog: Chez Larsson details a quick and easy way to turn this dastardly chore into a simple task.   The writer used to work on cruise ships, changing hundreds of beds a day, so she doesn't mess around!

Ready for this?!  You turn the duvet cover inside out, put your hands in it like a puppet, grab the corners of your comforter, and with one quick flip and slip, the duvet cover rights itself and sandwiches around the blanket. Pure bliss!  Check out more details here: