Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CARTOON PURSE! by Jump From Paper

My awesome friend Dori was wearing the coolest bag today.  It looked like a cartoon messenger bag.  Literally, it looked like someone drew it on adobe illustrator and printed it out life size, but it is real and functions!

Her bag is by JUMP FROM PAPER, a quirky concept by two young designers from Taiwan.  They are inspired by humor, fun, cartoons, and making people smile at the unexpected.

Their website features at least 12 styles. I want one so I can show my zainy side to the world!

The "TRAVEL FEVER" bag is so cute, but I can definitely see some confused TSA employees trying to figure out what the heck a drawing of a bag is doing in their metal detector!

Texting Gloves- CAN touch this!

My favorite gift of the season: TEXTING GLOVES: (aka touch screen gloves)
These little beauties allow you to text using your smart phone without taking your gloves off. Keep your digits toasty and warm while using these clever magnetic tipped wonders.  Get them on Amazon for a more than reasonable price, or use the magic of google to find a color/ pattern that is perfect for you!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Draugsvold- found object jewelry

There are still freaks out there in the world! We have not all homogenized into drones and clones.  Draugsvold jewelry is made of found objects by a strikingly individual creative force of a lady.

She takes vintage metal objects, jewels and chains and crafts them into truly unique and special items (necklaces, earrings, etc).

The necklace I bought is a special piece because it survived Hurricane Sandy.  The artist told me she lived in Rockaway beach at the time of the flood. 

She is selling at the Grand Central Station holiday shops.  Check out some pics of her work below, and her website:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sun Jar: Free Sunlight FOREVER

The quirkiest shop I have EVER seen is at the holiday market at Union Square. Yes, I am obsessed with the holiday market. Don't know the name of this shop, but I bought a Sun Jar there.

Looks like a frosted over mason jar. Charges during the day in the sunlight. Then, turn out the lights and witness the illuminating magic of free sun!

So much fun, and great for those times when you have no power.

Buy it and many other quirky awesome finds at WWW.SUCK.UK.COM

Watch Out! Damarys Galeano's vintage watch jewelry is a hot find!

Looking for a unique gift for watch lovers? Damarys Galeano has a booth at the Union Square Holiday Market where she sells jewelry made from vintage watch parts.  The inner workings of a defunct watch never looked so good.

Each piece is one of a kind. The coolest part is that vintage watches have tiny jewels in them because back in the old days, the watches did not run on batteries, which caused them to overheat. The jewels act as a cooling system.

Anyway, I love my adjustable watch ring. The cufflinks are also a sweet find!

Draw in 3D!

A shop at the Union Square holiday market sells many quirky items, including 3D pencils. Use red and blue pencils in a compass to draw images, and then put on your 3D glasses to watch them pop off the page! Available on Amazon!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Benetton Provocative Pop Up!

United Colors of Benetton has a provocative pop up shop in Soho, NYC.  It is dedicated to the craftsmanship of knits.  It is a swirl of colorful yarn and odd shapes.  It must be seen to be believed. Check out the website for some awesome details about this crazy shop!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nolan- Boutique NYC- hidden gem

A Shopahillic finds Soho to be her therapeutic refuge.  When the stress and nerves get too intense, there's nothing like a Sunday stroll to set the world back on track.

This past Sunday, I went in search of greatness.  I walked through expensive boutiques with lackluster merchandise, bargain shops with the same old same old, and after much diligence, when I thought all was overpriced or lost, I ventured into NOLAN, on Prince St btwn Bowery and Elizabeth (NYC).

This cute boutique is NOT cheesy at all.  It has chic designs with a twist, in limited runs, by up and coming designers.  I smiled involuntarily as I studied the clever seam placements on a knit dress.  I tried on a supple knit cardigan-sweater hybrid that was extremely flattering.  I also was really into their bracelet selection.  Just goth enough, good quality beads, interesting marbled colors, and a very fair price.

The staff was friendly and chill, not pushy or obnoxious in any way.  The shopping bag has a ziplock closure- what a sleek space saver! 

This store does not have a website, but if you don't take my word for it, check out what Yelpers have to say!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yosi Samra Flats = MUST HAVE

Yosi Samra flats are super comfy, fit perfectly, don't scratch, cut or abuse your feet in any way, and they are surprisingly affordable.  Leather flats of "Tori Burch" quality for 1/4 of the price!

I got a pair at LF Stores today and can't wait to get more!  Perfect to fold up an throw in your purse.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Smokin... Slippers?! Hot new trend!

Anything that involves wearing pj's during the day is my kind of trend. 

Now, slippers have become socially acceptable to wear to work!

The Smoking Slipper is a glam silhouette that is a throwback to a more glamorous time.  Find this funky new shape a great alternative to flats!

Comes in so many colors and patterns. Go nuts! Here are my top picks:

Topshop Vectra flat at Nordstrom:


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Solestruck! I love shoes

BleachBlack, an amazing fashion blog, posted about a site called Solestruck.

If you LOVE shoes, you MUST check out this site. These shoes all have something to say! Works of art for your feet! Turn heads with your heels!

Loook how cool:


Monday, September 10, 2012

Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund

Laura Mercier, brilliant French make-up artist, is known for her subtly chic products.  Her make-up helps women to enhance their natural features.  This brand is a great pick-me up and always gives me that extra glow.

Now, I have a new reason to love Laura Mercier: for her Ovarian Cancer Fund. This cause is near and dear to my heart.  Ovarian cancer is an extremely under publicized form of women's cancer that is not only hereditary, but is extremely deadly if not caught early.

Laura Mercier is donating 100% of the proceeds of the products to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund.  She is an amazing woman who is thankful for her success and who is doing something to help others.

One of the products, the Bonne Mine Healthy Glow for face and cheeks set, is a compact filled with creams and blushes to restore color and a healthy glow to your complexion.  Laura said that cancer patients would come to her for a pick-me-up and she was happy to be able to give back to these brave and amazing women so they can feel confident and beautiful while enduring such a trying disease.  The compact is travel sized, so it is perfect for a busy woman on the go.

Please support this cause, or at least educate yourself about it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Francesca's Collections: bright baubles, printed tops and other fun finds!

I knew Francesca's Collections was a hip and affordable boutique that I visited in Chicago.   When I saw a Francesca's in the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City this past weekend, I realized with glee that not only is it a chain, it has a WEBSITE!!

Francesca's arranges their clothes and jewels by color.   They sell kitchy items such as funky note pads and squirrel shaped erasers.  The prices are reasonable for these off-color fashion/ trend items (averaging between $20-$50).  From sunglasses to tights to earrings galore, there is something for everyone at this store.

They also have selected "manager's special" sales that highlight the trendiest products of the week.  Ever changing product assortment with a boutique feel makes this store a lovable treasure!

Check out the website and see if there's a Francesca's near you!

Mustache collection :)

Cute Dresses:

 Statement Jewels:

Bags of all shapes and sizes:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gap Pure was made for me

Imagine the effortless slouchiness of a perfect comfy tee that does not cost $80. For the girl who worships high fashion but balks at boutique prices... for the lady who wants to be comfortable without looking like a slob and who wants to own a shirt that she can wash 4 times without it completely unraveling... I give you: Gap Pure.

I am wearing a simple v-neck t-shirt by Gap Pure that I bought today, and I am seriously considering never taking it off.  Until I buy more.  Here:

Where has this been all my life? I don't know. I don't care. I just want more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ROOKIE of the Year- Kids Clothing Store!

Ever the shameless self-promoter, it is my due diligence to inform the world, or at least my "world of readers" about an extremely exciting moment for me and my co-workers:


What the heck is the Rookie Store, you may ask... Well, it is a children's clothing store that sells the brands that my co-workers and I design: Levi's, Converse and Nike... all for KIDS!

Tucked away in the up and coming suburb of Manhattanville, a lovely place to live for families by the way, the Rookie Store has opened up its first location at 99th St and Colombus Ave on the Upper West Side of NYC.

According to online buzz from The West Side Rag, local sports celebs may even be showing up at the grand opening of the store.  Check out the website to get a coupon off your first purchase!

Check out some pictures I pulled from the RookieUSA facebook page, and be sure to visit the store!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FJALLRAVEN-the backpack that HAUNTS ME!

Everywhere I turn, I see a rectangular backpack with a logo of a fox and Swedish language! I thought I was going crazy, or that my subway train was overrun by European tourists.    Then, I noticed the same backpack at a trend-forward denim store, Industrie Denim in San Francisco.

THEN, I was on JCREW's KIDS website tonight, and voila! Swedish backpack!  After the universe smacking me repeatedly on the head with this fox icon, I decided I needed find out what the heck all of the hype is about.

Name:  Fjällräven® classic Kanken backpack

Tell me a little about yourself:  Well, my name means "arctic fox." I am a frame backpack made of super-durable nylon. I come in a variety of bright colors and I am proud to boast a brand heritage of 60 years, and all the Scandinavian kids have been toting me around since I debuted in 1978!


There is even a site called I Love my Kanken!

I'm not sure if I will actually buy one.... would you?


Friday, July 27, 2012

Bellatrix Digital Print Tops. leSTRANGE faux sweater/ sequin prints!

The Bellatrix brand, bearing the same name as the feared villain in the Harry Potter movies but having Nothing to do with Harry Potter, has a Nordstrom exclusive top that is leSTRANGE, in a very good way. 

This Digital Print top is the perfect answer to a summer sweater.  Light weight, silky fabric is printed with a digital image of a cable-knit sweater! This top is a great way to add texture to your look while staying cool in these NYC heat waves. The print is sure to turn heads as people try to figure out what the heck you are wearing... but in a good way.  Plus, the sheer yoke and back neck tie add some serious style!

Get yours now at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale while the prices are still low for this brand new item!  I bought it in Cable Knit Print and Sequin Print.