Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bespoken Like a Gentleman

The men are looking dapper.  They are putting themselves together.  They are buying custom clothing.  They are shopping for quality that lasts.  They are embracing new twists on classics.  They look good... damn good.

Men's fashion has increased its sophistication.  Products that have a history and that are built to last... that's what its all about.  Who knew tailoring could look so fresh?
If you don't know what these words mean, you should: 

Bespoke: Custom made, tailored clothing

Sartorial: Of or relating to tailored clothes

Cut and Sew: A garment that is made from scratch

You may be surprised to learn that there are Men's fashion bloggers, and the number of Men's fashion shows during fashion week has exploded.  By "popular" request, here is my first post on Men's fashion. ENJOY.

Mr Mort is an amazing fashion blogger who posts photos of stylish men around the world, like this fellow here: 

As my Grandma used to say, Looking Sharp!

Mark Ecko's is an amazing source for men's fashion.
Check out their site for the scoop on Men's style at London Fashion Week:

Varsity jackets, nerd glasses, tapered jeans cuffed at the bottom, plaid, two-toned puffers, and accessorized from head to toe (literally, check out the hats and shoes).

The New Doc Martins

 My Co-worker swears by Marcus Troy: a fashion blogger with swagger to spare. 

He has a great article about his experience at the Men's Fashion Trade Show: Project.

I love the vintage sewing machines and hand-sewn techniques on display:

Colors of Brazil

The year: 2005. The store: Galeries Lafayette
The in-store display: Colors of Brazil.   Before I became a blogger, tweeter, and internet fashion hound, I studied for a summer in Paris.  It was the summer before my senior year at Syracuse, and I combed the city searching for inspiration for my senior collection.

I remember being disappointed at the lack of color.  Every store seemed to have drab olives and neutrals.  I wasn't having it.  Enter: Galeries Lafayette (an upscale Parisian department store).  The ground floor had an entire display on Brazil: bags, chunky beaded necklaces, and COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.

I created my collection with the inspiration of these colors.  Every year, I have waited for a season to arrive that is as bright and vibrant as Brazil itself.  Whoever designed the move "RIO" (cartoon birds- yes I'm serious) was right on the money.

The colors in the opening sequence are mesmerizing.  The bright, bold birds light up the jungle.  Get inspired this spring to shake your tail feather and embrace color!


These are my favorite combos:

My "Birds" (senior collection: 2006)

How to wear it today!

As the Gap says: Be Bright!

Do your MAC - up!

Get your Color on at American Apparel:

Can't decide what color?  Choose from Joe's Jeans 55 colors!!! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Krissy Lipka- Fashion Illustrations

SU Fashion Design Class of '06: some seriously talented chicas!    I am so inspired by all of the successes I have seen.

 From Tara Banerjee, the Willamsburg Seamster, to Rachel Sax, creator and designer of accessories line: Nona E Rose, to Mae Polson's exquisite hand crafted leather bags available on Etsy, and on and on.

Krissy Lipka was always one of my favorites.  With a playful blend of youthfulness and sass, its no wonder that she coined our senior year t-shirt slogan: "Just Because We Don't Sleep, Doesn't Mean We Don't Have Dreams."

I am so proud of Krissy because her fashion illustrations are now on display in Washington, DC.  If you are in the area, they are being displayed at Georgetown's  "Baked and Wired," an adorably trendy cupcakery and coffee shop. 

Krissy- hope you don't mind my re-posting of your pics from FB. Way to go girl!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LEGS get funky!

Oh Yeah!  Look at all the funky skinny jeans coming out for Spring!

TECHNICOLOR TEXTILES: Textiles by Elizabeth and James on

Never LEAF me! Leaf print from TOPSHOP:

PAIGE-ING DR. FLORAL! (Paige Premium Denim)

Something about these Sevens seems snakelike:

How to accessorize the wacky pant look: Olivia Palermo does it well.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jeremy Scott is one RADICAL designer

Wow: color? Check. Rainbow? You got it.  Watching the Jeremy Scott fashion show online is like taking a very happy acid trip.  The combination of synthetic fabrics, bright crimped barbie-hair wigs, Bart Simpson prints and electric blue lipstick makes my heart scream.

What I enjoyed most about this collection is the mockery of modern technology and the innovative use of synthetic materials.  So many unique and interesting garments!

I am SO NEEDING this emoticon sweater!

And HOLY HOLOGRAM. This skirt changes colors as she walks!!! NEED this.

Best part? The designer embraces his vision.  Don't have a cow, man!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ski Style: Wacky Neon takes the slopes!

I went skiing in Vermont this weekend, and got to experience firsthand the ski/snowboard fashion culture.  This is MY kind of scene: it is not only acceptable to wear neon, it is preferred!

From extreme mohawk hats to bright yellow pants, nothing was off limits.  It seems that when you are trying to find your friend or loved one on a mountain, they need to be easy to see.

Of course, being a New Yorker, I showed up in all black.  Next time, I'm gonna go in brights!

My friend's boyfriend had some sweet Burton gear.  Here's my dream ski outfit, and some shout outs to fabulous fashions:

Burton Penelope Jacket in Foxhunt

Burton Women's Fly Pant in Garnet Estate Plaid

Crazy Ski Hat: Adult Fuzz at

Friday, February 10, 2012

NYC Fashion Week: Watch Live Shows Free Online

NYC Fashion Week: No ticket? No problem.  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is streaming the shows live.  Just "RSVP" on facebook to attend the You Tube streaming video, and voila! You are an insider from the comfort of your own home.

Can't watch live? Catch the Runway Replays here:


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Turning Japanese: Enthralled by Japanese Student Fash Show

I am a white Jewish girl with serious Japanese Fashion Diva envy.  The Japanese fashion scene seems to explode with imagination!  There is a blog called in which a photographer highlights a Japanese citizen in their daily outfit.  Each person's look is more outrageous than the last, yet there is always a method to the madness. 

Usually, there is one image per day.  Imagine my joy when today's post was three pages long!  Apparently, the Bunka Fashion Graduate University had its annual show.  Students created collections to show their visions.   Feelings of awe and amazement washed over me as I viewed these collections.  I was amazed at the students' creative use of inspiration to spin something totally new.  

Here are some of the most breath taking looks.  I encourage you to follow to get your daily does of Japanese fashion! 

Lady Gaga eat your heart out!  I love everything about this look, from the glam hippie vibe to the combination of prints and solids, to the interesting shaped piecing.  by Daphne Mohajer-Va-Pesaran

Hats off to Tan Yu Szu! The silhouettes are fairy simple but the bold fabric colors and fresh quilting details bring these looks to another level.  I totally want that neon pink kimono-like top!

The cut texture in this leather-like fabric adds femininity and sophistication.  Tatsuya Tamada's unique silhouettes set these looks apart from anything I have ever seen!  

Junnosuke Kato's  jacket of the future! It looks very comfortable, but the black leather boot/ pants?! make it edgy.  I love the oversized hood and all of the tubes.  Its a cross between an alien space suit, and a badass punk jamming out on her walk to work.

While all of these looks are eye-catching, my surprise favorite was actually: Lisa Yamai
Delicate pastel fairylike looks get some edge with stylized cut-out shapes and asymmetrical drape! 
Football uniform inspired corset tops with ballerina tutu tulle are a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine without looking costumey or forced.

Friday, February 3, 2012

RUNWAY DIY = step by step guide to craft your way to chic

Runway DIY is a blog that teaches budget conscious aspiring fashionistas how to recreate runway looks for a fraction of the price.  The format is great: a girl named Arianna writes about a fabulous fashion item, such as the "book clutch."  She shows the inspiration.  Then she lists a step by step guide to re-creating the item.  She is very thorough in her materials and her instructions are straightforward. 

Arianna- you have a quirky fun style and I really admire your passion for these projects.  I can't wait to see what you will come up with next!