Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unroll.me DECLUTTERING for 2014

While I've been busy shopping my heart out this holiday season, I've been slacking on the blogging.  Instead of bombarding you with "sale sale sale" information, I bestow upon you, loyal readers, the most useful thing that I learned in 2013: unroll.me.
I spend at least 20 minutes each day deleting email from my inbox.  99% of the emails that I get are messages that I subscribed to.  I am so sick of opening emails that I don't even read them anymore. I just press delete like a "delete robot".  It got to the point where I was deleting important emails because I got so "delete happy" that I over zealously ignored the good stuff.

About 3 weeks ago, my friend sent me an invite to "unroll.me".  This is the same friend that introduced me to Tieks, the flats of which I have 7 pairs... yeah, hence Shopahillic... we know... so I trust her excellent taste.

 I don't know who thought of unroll.me, but it changed my life! Basically, it organizes all of your subscribed emails into one daily roll-up email that has previews of each message.  It also lists every email you are subscribed to (349?!? really?)  and asks you if you want to "unsubscribe" or "add to roll-up".  In less than an hour, I unsubscribed from tons of email lists and created my roll-up.  Now, I get 1 email a day.  Its heaven! I highly recommend using unroll.me

Here's to decluttering in 2014!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prewrap made for hair!

When I was in high school, I was manager of the field hockey team... For about 3 games. I didnt learn much about the sport, but I did discover that all the girls used a thin spongy tape-like substance called prewrap as headbands. Back in the day, prewrap was beige and slippery but it did the trick.

At Modells just now, I found out that Under Armour makes colorful prewrap designed for hair! Its non slip properties and easy to customize size tear-off quality is perfect for taming flyaway hairs. Just rip, wrap and go! The fashion colors make it chic for every day wear!! Go get it girls!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

High Fashion Dog Tees

High Fashion Dog Tees!  How can you NOT love these?  I got one the other day at H&M.  Here are some faves:

Buy Me at H&M:


New Yorkie Urban Outfitters Muscle Tee:

I Shih Tzu Not Tee:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tibet Your Bottom Dollar- amazing Tibetan finds for fair prices

ABC Carpet and Home is a great source of inspiration for many.  The Union Square location is a magical world of quirky vignettes.  The first floor is divided into sections by brand and theme.  The high-low mixing of inexpensive pieces and pricey items creates a richly diverse shopping experience.

However, the section that I am most happy to have stumbled upon is TIBETAN ARTS AND CRAFTS.  From handmade beads to hand-felted make up bags, to tiger shaped rugs, to plush scarves of all colors, shapes and sizes, this shop has so many authentic finds, it is hard to believe you are still in NYC.  I felt like I was transported to another country.  My eyes poured over every wall and display for at least a half hour before I decided on a few necklaces and a ring (each was only $20!).  Granted, there were MANY expensive items mixed in... but still enough "under $50 finds" to make me happy.

This is a must see for anyone tired of finding the same mass produced trinkets everywhere, who wants something original, hand crafted and authentic. Also, great for gifts!

A blogger called Katz and the City posted a great photo of the section:

Some other photos:

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Yesterday, I scoured the Roosevelt Fields Mall in Long Island looking for new fashion trends.  What I found was a holiday I am now dubbing: DENIM WEEK.


American Eagle- $30 for almost ANY Pair of jeans in the store

Lucky- $25 off 1 pair, $60 off 2- MADE IN AMERICA JEANS! 

My LUCKY purchase was the super flattering Sienna Cigarette- a slouchy fit in a fresh, dark wash, made with CONE DENIM in USA

Madewell- All New Fits and Fabrics! SOO Comfy and FLATTERING!

I bought the Rail Straight Jean in Oceanside wash. 

Old Navy- $19?!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Hip Hop and ya don't stop


From Bart Simpson to oversized gold chains and of course to harem pants with a fresh Cali vibe thrown in, no one does it better than Miley in "We Can't Stop."  

Here's my ideal 90's hip hop outfit and where to snag it!

Black and White Ironic Attitude Tee (ASOS):

Ikat Harem Pants (Forever 21):

Quirky Beanie (Brandy Melville):

Comic Book Pow Gold Chain (Urban Outfitters):

Dream Shoes: Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Kicks:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Eye's have it! Googly Eye Trend Alert, anyone?

Is it just me, or are Googly Eyes everywhere? 

I was in the funky New England store: Newbury Comics- when I found THESE: Stick on Googly Eyes for inanimate objects. Perfect to liven up that plain old toaster :)

How many of you have been bombarded with images of the adorable minions from Despicable Me 2?  Eye-catching, aren't they?

 It's no wonder that ROUND FRAME SUNGLASSES are gaining popularity!

What have you seen?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sock Bun- Easy and Cute!

I'm totally late on the Sock Bun trend, but always a sucker for a gimmick,  I bought a bun ring at urban outfitters for 99 cents.  The picture on the tag looked so easy... but it was not.  Lo and behold, a quick You Tube video tutorial taught me that I could have made my own by cutting the tip off a sock and rolling it up.

Anyway, for a beautiful, easy, glam bun, this video is a must watch.

No time for Youtube?  It's as simple as making a ponytail and rolling your hair around a bun ring like balling up a sock.  Try it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Revolver Revelation- Best Haircut EVER

I have very difficult hair. It is soft to the touch, but takes a very long time to style and dry. I have tried products and straighteners galore, and lately have been defaulting to a pony tail as my go-to look.

Have you ever looked at yourself and felt like you were looking at someone you didn't recognize? Well that is how I have been feeling. As a special pick-me-up, I decided to get a haircut. I booked with a new person, Sam, at the Revolver Salon, which is part of Ricky's on 87th and Broadway, NYC.

I had been to many places in the city to get my hair cut, and was not really impressed with the results. However, my life has been transformed.  Sam gave me the BEST HAIRCUT of my LIFE.  I watched him style, chop, and thin away the frizzy bulk that has kept me prisoner.  The haircut lady actually swept five times during the process.  I went from "cousin it" to "it girl"!

If you don't believe me, just LOOK at the before an after!

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad. It was more like this:

Well, that's what it FELT LIKE!

But instead, it looked like this! AFTER MUCH PRODUCT.


I am totally going back to Sam for a Keratin treatment to tame my tresses for good! I am hoping this haircut is the kick in the pants I need to get my life in gear.  At the very least, it will keep me from melting in the sweltering subway heat of the NYC Summers.

If you are like me, and can't manage your hair anymore, you MUST see SAM ALTER. At Revolver Salon: 212-496-2074!   
Sam is also a make-up artist.  Check out his website:  www.samalterstyle.com

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prada's Gatsby- bejeweled dreamlike costumes

On display to the public, until May 12th, in the Prada store in SOHO (NYC), are the physical evidence of a decadent dream.  A dream of the roaring 1920's in all their splendor. With jewels upon jewels glimmering and beaded dresses oddly still.  One can picture vivacious women bringing them to life and movement making a cacophonous sound of the beaded fringed hems.


The last dress in this sequence is the piece de resistance. Daisy's party dress.  Daisy's "old money" class separates her from the pack- the color makes her seem innocent and pure, although in truth she is more superficial than all the rest. 

The costume designer of Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby used Prada to create the female scene in the movie, hitting theaters this Friday.

Seeing the costumes and living in New York bring an air of reality to this fantastic fantasy. Although the story teaches us many lessons, it is hard to see anything past the bright glimmer of these ladies!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Living Lockets from Origami Owl

Leave it to a 16 year old to come up with this generation's locket. Clear glass with magnetic closure, this vessel is perfect for displaying symbolic and cute as hell charms that can change as easily as your mood!

Origami Owl is the company name, and endless possibilities of lockets await you at their site. Choose your metal locket, with or without bling, choose your chain (various lengths and thicknesses) and then let the fun begin! From birthstone charms to initials to hobbies, etc, these gifts provide a LOT of sparkle for a reasonable price.  Plus, they ship in a super cute take-out container!

Total cost for a necklace can be as low as $40 range, depending on what you pick/ how many charms you order.

Kim Callahan, the super sweet rep who sold me my necklace does house parties! So for a more interactive experience and social hour with friends, invite her to host! (if you live in Long Island/ tri-state area). She will bring everything you need to pick out an awesome necklace for yourself or as a gift: lovelockedin@yahoo.com.

Here are some of the billions of possibilities that await you!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Super Soft Well Designed- Dolan "T-Shirt" at Anthro

I refuse to pay $88 for a plain t-shirt. I don't care how soft it is. Give me some design elements to make it worth my while.

I was in Anthro yesterday... the store seduces me by its exotic candle smells, and what I HOPE is good quality and good design.

I purchased a SUPER SOFT 3/4 length sleeve shirt by a brand called "Dolan". Never heard of them, but they've been around, in LA since at least 2011, according to their laid back website.  The shirt is not only AMAZINGLY comfy, but it is LONG enough to cover my tummy, and it has cool piecing at the shoulders and front neck.

I bought the grey, but check out the navy version avail at Anthro.com:

Very happy with my purchase :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


SCOOP NYC sells AG Jeans, Splendid tops, and a whole slew of other brands/ things I LOVE to wear. They are having a WAREHOUSE SALE to get rid of winter merch. Take an additiona 50% off already reduced items.

I got a pair of AG jeans today and a pair of AG cords for a total of $139!!!!

GET IT before is gone!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

WILDFOX couture- express yourself california quirky style

WILDFOX COUTURE is a quirky California style knitwear brand for women.  I love their simple, girly, playful graphics.  The brand was started by two best friends and references nostalgia from my childhood.  Smile inducing super soft comfy oversized knits. Can't miss!

Their most recent collection is inspired by the one, the only, Cher Horowitz, AKA CLUELESS. 

Bloomies and Nordstrom carry them, so they must be doing something right!



Cat Love

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kinokuniya- visit japan without leaving NYC

Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore that specializes in new and rare magazines and books. They actually air items in from Japan! Go visit their flagship store across from Bryant Park.

This store has many great art and fashion books, as well as fun Japanese cultural books, anime, and all sorts of curious odds and ends.

My two most recent purchases were a book in the Japanese culture section about useless inventions, and a denim themed issue of Lightning magazine (very hard to find in USA).

Maybe one day I'll learn Japanese...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Treasure & Bond is a large, 2 story boutique on West Broadway in Soho, NYC (btwn Broome St. and Grand St.).  This retail venture is fairly new (opened in 2011), and is the brainchild of Nordstroms (no surprise here- they are masters of creating exciting categories and fresh, clear store settings)

Treasure & Bond offers a variety of products: ground floor has everything from designer self help books to bags made out of recycled truck flaps to one of a kind jewelry and more!  Upstairs has a large selection of men's and women's casual clothing, with a healthy smattering of accessories mixed in.   Categories are separated into tables and cute little booths to make the large store seem more intimate and to really highlight each theme/ brand.

Okay, so its a store...  why am I so jazzed about it? WELL, they donate 100% of their profits to charities for children in NYC.  Every month, a different charity is sponsored. Check out their website to see your shopping money at work :)

And swing by every month to feature the newest designer/ concept (this month is Rachel Zoe).