Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The MOONMAT: One giant leap for humankind

      This past weekend, I went to the Dave Matthews Band Caravan concert in Atlantic City, NJ.  I thought that bringing a blanket to sit on would be sufficient.  After about three hours of sitting in the dirt with only 1/4 inch of cheaply woven shoddy Mexican blanket separating me from the dusty earth, I was frustrated.  It got worse when sharp, dried out pieces of grass kept sticking me.  Three days of this?  Not so fun.
     Then, I noticed that people were sitting on giant foam pads with holes punched in them.  I couldn't resist finding out more.  There was in fact a stand selling hundreds of these swiss cheese squishy blankets: aka The Moonmat.  I bought one immediately for $25: BEST PURCHASE EVER MADE.  My friend and I sat comfortably for the duration of the weekend.  The memory foam is squishy to sit or stand on, and the blanket is large yet lightweight and flexible for rolling and carrying.  I can't wait to use my Moonmat in the park on a nice sunny day.  See ya later blanket.  Fly me to the moon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need Costume Jewelry? Think CAROLEE

Yesterday, I wore a costume jewelry gold necklace that was a gift from my mom from about 8 years ago.  I still get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  The necklace is by CAROLEE.  They sell to Macy's and make exceptionally stylish, relevant costume jewelry.  This necklace pictured here is only $40 bucks. Look Haute for Less.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Herbivore? Carnivore? EVERYBODY POLYVORE!

Whether you eat meat or veggies, you can all enjoy Polyvore.  Polyvore is a unique website where you can express your own fashion style and pick up tips on hot new trends and how to rock them right!  Sign up for FREE and let your creative juices flow.  Create a "SET" of images that convey a style you like, items you think are hot, or whatever your heart desires.  Choose from tons of items stored on the site or add your own.  Polyvore provides you the template and the tools, and you make it possible.  They even tell you who makes each item and how much it costs.  Also, there are lists of top TRENDS, sites, celebs, etc.  Enough to make your head spin.  Check out other people's ideas, SHARE your own, and GET INSPIRED by the community around you!

This is my first "set" attempt.  I had some trouble with adding text, but I wanted to call it: Free to Be Chic.  I added pics of my fave items of the moment:  Crossover bags, fedoras, tribal prints, florals, skinny  jeans, metallic bags, wedge sandals, and wispy ethnic necklaces.  What are you into?

Happy Polyvoring!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Da Balm

It's Summer.  Time to maintain your skin!  Here are my two favorite tools to combat dry lips and cuticles:

1.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick.
This multifunctional chap stick has been dubbed "the glue stick" because it is the same size as a glue stick, but it acts as a chap stick.  You can also use it on patches of dry skin.  It goes on light and has a subtle, summery fragrance.  It moisturizes like a dream.  I use it all year round.  It only costs about $2.99 on, so I have one for home/ work/ travel.  As long as I have my Palmer's, my lips are never dry.  Plus, it is a great tool to use to blend with gloss or lipstick to get a more matte look.

2. Rosebud Salve.
This salve comes in an adorable vintage tin.  It can be found at drugstores and Sephora.  It is great for dry cuticles, lips, etc.  It is a little bit messy because you have to apply with your finger, but it definitely does the job.  I love using it on my nails to spruce up an aging mani.

Stay gorgeous!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Better than Leather?

      Okay, so I'm sorry to all of the cows, lambs, etc. out there who turn into coats :(  If leather wasn't so buttery and sumptuous, stylish and slick, well I'd have no problem giving it up.  Don't get me wrong, I am fully against those mink aprons that the RHONJ wear, but a great, fitted leather jacket is a classic fashion staple.
I spotted this first hot number on the SUPERDRY website.  I actually thought that this brand was Japanese, but in fact, it is based out of the UK!  In any event, Superdry is a go-to source for high quality American classics made from super soft fabrics and enhanced with stylish design details.

The second jacket has a different feel but is also premium quality leather.  I am coveting this ALLSAINTS SPITAFIELDS "walker jacket".   I love the biker influence with the modern fitted silhouette.  

 In actuality, I will most likely go faux.  Especially when there are so many great synthetic leathers out there.  Check out this one at Urban Outfitters.  Better for animals and for your wallet.
    What can I say?  I'm lovin' the Leatha

Monday, June 13, 2011

Airport Shopping

Fortunately for my wallet, the weather was so nice on vacation that I did not partake in any rainy day activities involving shopping malls.  I almost made it home without spending a dime, but wait, oh wait, there's the airport gift shops!  It should surprise no one that I raced through the metal detector and ignored my grumbling stomach in favor of ogling random trinkets for a good half hour.   There's nothing more dangerous than a shopaholic in a confined space consisting of stores!   One time, I even bought a bracelet on an international flight!  While most folks think that the Duty Free shops are the best part of airport shopping, the true unsung heroes are the tourist stands.  Thanks to the airport gift shop, I was able to purchase gifts without actually visiting a single tourist attraction.  I got beach time while my sister will get a nice magnet/pencil/keychain.  Seriously, airport shopping... think about it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Navy: Where the prices are skimpier than the bikinis!

So ladies: last minute bathing suit shopping is about as enjoyable as flossing.  Seriously, I envy the lucky ones who can throw on a string bikini and be done with it, but some of us need a little more... material?  When I walked into Old Navy tonight, the line to pay was longer than the line at a popular nightclub.  Why?  Pretty much everything for summer is on sale for $10.  Shorts, flip flops, skirts, coverups, sandals, and of course, swimwear.  I got a 2 piece swimsuit for $20.00.  Yes people, Old Navy Swimwear: gilt free mix and match bikinis that make you look fresh on the beach.  So save that extra dough to update your look next year!  And with that, I am on vacation.   Don't fret. I will return next week with more shopping gems to brighten your day, put a hop in your step, and bring your wallet to tears!

Forever 21 = vacation wardrobe made easy

So every time I am going on a beach vacation, I "plan" to go to the gym weeks before, and am too stubborn to buy clothes for said trip b/c I haven't shed any pounds.  Now, with only a day until my excursion begins, I have very few things to wear.  Enter Forever 21.  I hopped in there tonight and was wowed by all of the bright patterns and summery silhouettes.  As I combed through short shorts, neons, tribal prints and funky florals, I really got into the beach mood.  I walked out with two skirts and a top for a mere $42.00 in total.  Best part is, the skirts have pockets!!! I now feel confident that I will rock this vacation. Thanks Forever for being open till 10:30 on a weeknite.  Luv,  Shopahillic!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy, RACHEL Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy knows how to dress a woman.  She understands how to accentuate shape without adding pounds.  Her flowing, forgiving silhouettes that make up her diffusion line of clothes and shoes at Macy's are so so good.  Designer clothes for normal prices?  Who could ask for anything more?

Friday, June 3, 2011

When life gives you Lululemons...

Get into the groove with Lululemon's Groove Pant.  This super soft stretchy yoga pant is extremely comfy and customizable.  There are several options for the top waistband color/ design, and the store hems all pant purchases for free!!  With pants as great as these, I have no excuse to skip yoga, right?  Lulu also sells amazing sports bras, yoga mat bags, windbreakers, etc.  Its a little pricey but if your work out pants have been working out harder than you have, they need a break and you need a treat!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kimono is NOT a no-no

How fabulous are kimonos?  They flow, they drape, they are sheer and you can belt and style them in any way imaginable.   Throw one on for instant glam-factor and still be able to breathe and eat lunch!  LF, one of my fave boutiques, sent out a trend e-mail in which they gave a shout-out to this amazing garment.  Check out the link for more hot trends: Fringe, Native, Vintage, and get inspired, or better yet, shop!

Levi's Curve ID- Shameless Plug? Yes. Great product? Absolutely

Levi's Curve ID: because "All Asses Are Not Created Equal".  The philosophy is that women's bodies have different shapes.  Who knew?  Instead of every woman trying to conform to one "curve type", Levi's offers 4 options: Slight Curve, Demi Curve, Bold Curve and Supreme Curve.  Gals: take the quiz online at Levi' or get measured in a Levi's Store to find out which fit is for you!  Each curve is offered in a full size range, an assortment of washes and various silhouettes (ex: skinny, straight leg, bootcut, flare, etc).  Ever had trouble finding that perfect fit jean?  Want great quality at a reasonable price?  Then try it out!