Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blue Q- Ecofriendly with a side of badass

Ever wonder who makes those cute and kitschy tote bags they sell in the impulse-buy waiting line at Whole Foods?  Blue Q!

Blue Q makes their bags out of post-consumer waste (that means they recycled they actual materials, but the designs are fresh and new). I got my fist taste of tote last summer in San Francisco:

Cupcakes + Japanese imagery = can't miss!

Tonight, the urge struck again. Why use a paper bag when you can save 10 cents and buy a $12 reusable tote? Hey, at least it looks cute!

But wait, BLUE Q is so much more than great totes!

"Sons of Bitches" magnet set

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Timex- Watch Like a Man

Timex has the perfect watch for me:

 -Vintage, menswear feel, but braided band adds a feminine touch

-Leather Band (most difficult to break, breathable and molds to the wrist)

-Large Face (b/c I am going blind from staring at a computer 10 hours a day)

-Glow in the dark features (because I can still get my neon fix and read the time at night!)

-Price is only $70!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Drooling over JCrew Jewels

I am Drooling over JCrew's current jewelry selection.  I went to the store on 44th and Madison tonight.  I must say, either they have amazing lighting and store decor, or I was hallucinating from the hypnotic yet trendy music, but I swear, I saw some serious sparkle.

JCrew is currently offering funky baubles with interesting material combinations: beading/ sparkles, enamel, and metal crafted into organic shapes such as floral and coral.  Nab these designs quickly, because the prices are fair for this fantastic flair!

 JCrew manages to keep their accessories classy, while infusing just enough funk and fun to dress up any outfit!

Not as much available online as in stores, so get to a store and go nuts!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trench Coat Season!

I'm Belting it OUT for the Trench Coat!

Its all the waist slimmingness of a wrap dress, with the chic accents of a blazer, plus the figure flattering concealing skirt of a dress.

Wanted the ASOS Warehouse Trench but it is sold out.

But Laundry by Shelli Segal never disappoints: Go Bloomies, Go Bloomies!

I love how they styled this coat with a popped collar and rolled-up sleeves. It really transcends "coat" status to be wearable over-layer. Can't wait to get it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brasil and Back in 10 minutes! Macy's Flower Show!

There is a GIANT tent outside of Macy's Herald Square.

It says "Macy's Flower Show

People go in the tent. The show is free. 

Instead of putting up large potted plants on the ground floor of their store, Macy's has built a Brasilian paradise right in Midtown!

Free to the public!

Step right up folks: beautiful live flowers await.

Gorgeous Brasilian settings.



Check it out before it is gone (April 7th is the last day)- Oh, and if you live in Chicago, Philly, Minneapolis, or San Francisco, you can visit paradise too!

Monday, April 2, 2012

MUJI = Japanese for Container Store

When life gets too hectic, I like to go to MUJI, a Japanese store that sells clear plastic organization bins in various shapes and sizes. The stark minimalism of the store is like a palette cleanser to this insane NYC life.  I went last week and bought file folders.  There are so many great carry-all pouches, kitchen items, and empty shampoo bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Walking into MUJI makes me feel like all my junk really has a logical place, I just hadn't dreamed it up yet.

MUJI can be found in the NY TIMES building on the corner of 8th Ave and 40th St.

The also have a wonderful store in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK Airport.

Nifty Laundry Hanger:

Nylon Bath Case for Travel:

Cardboard Travel Speakers: