Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CARTOON PURSE! by Jump From Paper

My awesome friend Dori was wearing the coolest bag today.  It looked like a cartoon messenger bag.  Literally, it looked like someone drew it on adobe illustrator and printed it out life size, but it is real and functions!

Her bag is by JUMP FROM PAPER, a quirky concept by two young designers from Taiwan.  They are inspired by humor, fun, cartoons, and making people smile at the unexpected.

Their website features at least 12 styles. I want one so I can show my zainy side to the world!

The "TRAVEL FEVER" bag is so cute, but I can definitely see some confused TSA employees trying to figure out what the heck a drawing of a bag is doing in their metal detector!

Texting Gloves- CAN touch this!

My favorite gift of the season: TEXTING GLOVES: (aka touch screen gloves)
These little beauties allow you to text using your smart phone without taking your gloves off. Keep your digits toasty and warm while using these clever magnetic tipped wonders.  Get them on Amazon for a more than reasonable price, or use the magic of google to find a color/ pattern that is perfect for you!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Draugsvold- found object jewelry

There are still freaks out there in the world! We have not all homogenized into drones and clones.  Draugsvold jewelry is made of found objects by a strikingly individual creative force of a lady.

She takes vintage metal objects, jewels and chains and crafts them into truly unique and special items (necklaces, earrings, etc).

The necklace I bought is a special piece because it survived Hurricane Sandy.  The artist told me she lived in Rockaway beach at the time of the flood. 

She is selling at the Grand Central Station holiday shops.  Check out some pics of her work below, and her website:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sun Jar: Free Sunlight FOREVER

The quirkiest shop I have EVER seen is at the holiday market at Union Square. Yes, I am obsessed with the holiday market. Don't know the name of this shop, but I bought a Sun Jar there.

Looks like a frosted over mason jar. Charges during the day in the sunlight. Then, turn out the lights and witness the illuminating magic of free sun!

So much fun, and great for those times when you have no power.

Buy it and many other quirky awesome finds at WWW.SUCK.UK.COM

Watch Out! Damarys Galeano's vintage watch jewelry is a hot find!

Looking for a unique gift for watch lovers? Damarys Galeano has a booth at the Union Square Holiday Market where she sells jewelry made from vintage watch parts.  The inner workings of a defunct watch never looked so good.

Each piece is one of a kind. The coolest part is that vintage watches have tiny jewels in them because back in the old days, the watches did not run on batteries, which caused them to overheat. The jewels act as a cooling system.

Anyway, I love my adjustable watch ring. The cufflinks are also a sweet find!

Draw in 3D!

A shop at the Union Square holiday market sells many quirky items, including 3D pencils. Use red and blue pencils in a compass to draw images, and then put on your 3D glasses to watch them pop off the page! Available on Amazon!