Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My apartment is covered in shopping bags filled with things that I cannot fit into the tiny closets of my studio apartment.  Luckily, my awesome SU fellow alumni sent me an e-mail today that will solve all of my problems (well not ALL of them)...
She works for an organization called the Bottomless Closet.  The BC collects donations of gently worn professional work clothing, handbags and shoes for women.  They transform their offices into a fabulous store-like setting.  Women that are trying to get their lives back on track and get back into the workforce come to their offices.  Each woman is paired up with a shopping consultant who helps them choose appropriate and stylish interview outfits that they could not otherwise afford.  Donations can be made at any time, but if you are itchin' to get involved ASAP, they are having an event JUNE 9 from 6:30- 9:30 pm at THE PARK on 10th ave at 18th st!   Check it out!  Believe it or not, donating  can make you feel just as good as shopping!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Woodbury Commons = Shop Till You Drop!

Woodbury Commons.   Two little words... too many shopping bags.  This collection of designer discount outlets is located just a short 45 minutes outside of NYC.   I felt like I was in a shopper's Disney World! (and I wasn't the only one).  From Theory to Lacoste to J.Crew to Saks to Prada to Burburry... well you get  the idea.  Me and a shopping partner who chose to remain anonymous charted our course and bravely dared to hit the entire shopping complex in one day.  We started out bright eyed and naive.  We ended the day satisfied but absolutely exhausted.  My shoulders will probably have indentations from carrying heavy shopping bags for 3 days but it was soo worth it!!!  There are new products every day, there are huge discounts, and everything is just SO PRETTY!  I'm gonna pass out now.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pylones- Every-day Objects Turned Fun!

Pylones is a store that turns every-day objects into fun and whimsical treats.   From dust pans, to egg timers, they have quite an array of items for work, cooking and play.  Why buy a normal umbrella, when you can buy one that looks like a cat and comes in a furry case?!  Why drink regular tea when you can have tea that comes with a cardboard cut-out of a celebrity to rest on your cup?  My fave item is a bird butter knife that stands on its own.  So unnecessary but so damn cute.   This store is a real treat and definitely worth looking at if you aren't at the beach on this bright and sunny weekend.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coral and Floral

    My current nail polish color is Cajun Shrimp, a saturated OPI shade that screams hot summer nights.  Everywhere I look in the stores I see shades of pinky peaches.  Who ever said orange was the new pink may have been a little off, but mix them together and what you get is hot hot hot!
    To jazz up your look, add any type of floral piece.  From oversized prints to tiny flowers, its time to get blooming!  I know I know, "Flowers for Spring... groundbreaking", but after a dreary winter and rainy days galore, its time to embrace the great outdoors in all its sunny splendor.  I found some great pieces at Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21!  Open your eyes and you'll be amazed by all the coral and floral you see! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Foley and Corinna City Tote- Because some loves get better with age

I have owned my Foley & Corinna City Tote for a few years.  It does not disappoint.  It is a convertible bag that can be worn on the shoulder when full, or can flip over to be a smaller strap bag when less full.  It has just enough zipper pockets to separate all my essentials (metro card, work ID, phone, etc) so I can locate them easily.  Plus, it is so stylish and chic.  The leather ages well and the bag endures life's mishaps, from spilling beer to getting stepped on, its character is only enhanced with age.  Invest in one, my friends.  Its worth it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rack Attack

Like Nordstrom?  You will love Nordstrom Rack.  Take all the greatness of the Nordstrom shoe section and slash the prices absurdly low.  Sam Edelman? Check. Stuart Weitzman? Check.  What about clothes?  Tahari? Free People?  Oh yeah!  The Rack has a Marshalls/ Loehmans appeal, but the store keeps the organizational integrity of a high end department store, making shopping easy and enjoyable.  You still have to hunt for good bargains, but instead of needles in a haystack, its like finding loose change in a couch. They also have great tights by HUE for $6!  You will think you are dreaming.  Too bad they don't sell alarm clocks!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nicole Miller,  Charlotte Ronson and Mango all under 1 roof for an average retail price of $24.99?! Amazing!  Diffusion lines at JCPENNEY are unreal!  Great quality and style, plus you can use JCP coupons on sale days.  I got 2 knit dresses and 4 sweaters for $100 total!  One particular brand that caught my eye is called A.N.A.  Bright colors and feminine details at affordable prices and its bye bye Bloomies, hello savings!   JCP: for the gal who wants to dress for success and have enough dough left over to buy her co-workers a round at happy hour! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tory Story

I now own my first pair of shoes by Tory.
I bask in them in all their glory.
They have an elastic band that stretches for a perfect fit.
And although it is shallow, they are so legit.
As a city girl, I do not have a car.
My shoes must take me near and far.
After four long years of lusting for Tory's, I deserved a treat.  Tory Birch "Caroline" Ballet Flats = Heaven For Feet!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Colette- a gift from France!

Paris- to some it is the city of lights.  For others, the city of shopping.  My favorite part of Pari was not the Touer De Eiffel, but the Store de Colette!   I mean come on: it's eclectic, has a water bar, and merchandises books on graffiti next to Pucci bags.  The window display when I saw the store featured a life sized replica of Miss Piggy laying on a chaise lounge in a PRADA gown!  Colette is what's fresh and hip in France.  They have insights into music/ fashion/ art/ all that is "so hot right now".  Best part is, you can shop online!  I am totes digging the spongebob sunglasses.  Fo real.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too Faced and Proud of It!

Who doesn't enjoy a good pun?   Too Faced is a cosmetic brand with a playful image.  I discovered their products at Sephora.  They make great compact kits for the gal on the go.  After experimenting with other eyeshadow brands, I have deduced that Too Faced is my favorite.   Their color palettes have just the right amount of shimmer to make me sparkle without looking like a Vegas showgirl.  I love layering the different iridescent shades to create smokey looks.  You will too, so go play!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Aritzia? You're welcome.

     Canada has given the USA many great things: Degrassi, Robyn's backstory on How I Met Your Mother, and now: Aritzia.   I first heard about this boutique chain two years ago from a very stylish co-worker.  I checked the store out at the Short Hills mall.  Its a little pricey but the assortment is fresh and the brands are unique... oh how I miss it livin' in the big bad city.
     Lo and behold, Aritzia is opening a store soon in SOHO!  In anticipation of the joyous day when the doors swing open, I have been swooning on the Aritzia website, checking out cool music, inspirational imagery, and of course some hot new looks that I will be trying on asap!  Its not easy to make a sweater over a dress look so good... (dream bubble filled with hearts)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Custom Leather Handbags? Sign me up!

Ever had a dream?  Perhaps your dream involves premium leather, expert craftsmanship, and a flair for handcrafted details?  If so, check out Mae Linnaea.   This darling designer has a background in fine art and bridal wear.  She works with her customers to create one-of-a kind pieces, from handbags to clutches to veils and bridal hair pieces.  If you want a great product that will last forever and that represents your unique spirit, hit this lady up.  You won't be disappointed!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Not for British Eyes Only!

The British motivational war poster that never saw the light of day until several years later: Keep Calm and Carry On, has inspired a book.  This pocket sized bookie has "buck up and get on with it" type quotes that use the British stiff upper lip to guide us through troubled times.  My personal favorite is "If at first you don't succeed, try try again.  Then quit.  There's no need to be a damn fool about it!" I think this book is a great pick-me-up to anyone having a rotten day.  I bought mine at Urban Outfitters, a great source for creative and quirky works of print.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

behind the lens of Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is an 80 year old photographer for the NY Times who has been riding his bicycle around NYC for decades photographing anyone and everyone who is fashionably of interest.  He views fashion as "our armor that we need to face the day with."  Through his lens, thousands of trends and looks have been documented, illustrating the mentality of the masses in the times in which we live.   There is now a documentary film about Bill.  Check out the preview!  This film is a must see for anyone interested in human expression and psyche, plus the clothes are pretty cool too :)

Shopping benefits others!

I'm sure you have heard of the shoe brand "TOMS."  They have been around for a few years but are gaining publicity and momentum.  They have increased their style offering 10-fold and are carried in chain stores as well as boutiques.  The premise of Tom's is "One for One."  When you purchase a pair of Tom's for yourself, they donate a pair to a child in need.   Shopping and helping others are two of my favorite things.  Make them yours!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Williamsburg Seamster

What's better than finding an amazing vintage garment with remarkable details and priceless style?  Having a pro seamster to alter it to fit your body to perfection.   I am lucky to know Tara, aka, The Williamsburg Seamster.   I always knew this gal would do great things.  Not only does Tara have mad skills, but she has a great heart.  My favorite moment was when she and I sewed "fockets" (fake pockets) for a local Syracuse elementary school to spruce up their dance costumes for their spring recital.  Tara does amazing custom work for a great price, and the best part is, she will come to you!  But don't just take my word for it.  You can even watch her in action!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fishs Dishes

If you have never been to Fishs Eddy, this store is a must see.  Besides gathering vintage dishes, glasses, cutlery and bowls of all shapes and sizes, they also design and carry exclusive sets.  This store is fabulous for purchasing great quality kitchen and serving items for a low price.  Many of the items are overstock from restaurants, which means you can get some great deals on normally higher priced items.  However, once you enter the store, beware.  Some of their original designs are worth the extra splurge.  My personal favorite of the moment is their "Interventionware".  Hilarious.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Normal Gets You Nowhere, and YES, I BUY BOOKS!

There's something about holding a tangible book and turning the pages that I find satisfying.  The sense of accomplishment that I get from seeing the pages that I have already read is invaluable.  Ok, maybe I'm not that psychotic, but I still enjoy purchasing hard copies, and  I have not gone "e-reader" yet.

Anyway, Kelly Cutrone, Syracuse native and "tell it like it is" PR maven has written a second book.  What, you didn't know she wrote the first?  You don't know who she is? That's okay... sort of :)  Basically, she is the woman on MTV's "The Hills/ The City" who wears no make-up and dresses all in black and looks like a sleep deprived zombie, but does one hell of a job helping young aspiring creatives get their names out to the public.

She also writes amazing books that will kick your ass into gear. Her first book "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside" is a 20-something's survival guide to succeeding at work while staying true to oneself.  Her second book, "Normal Gets You Nowhere" challenges us to appreciate our inner freaks and question what society tells us is true.  I take it all with a grain of salt, since Kelly does work for the media, but girlfriend has some sassy, no-holds-barred advice to share, and I for one am all ears!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cash, Luck and a love of the Peculiar

On my weekend strolls down Houston St. in Soho, I always try to do a walk-by at Billy's Antiques and Props.   This storefront is really a large tent with furniture aligning the street leading up to the "shop."  The great thing about Billy's is that you never know what you will find: antique jewelry, mannequins, taxidermy, mirrors, and other odds and ends.  Each piece has unique qualities, and while you sift through the bizarre finds, you may unearth a treasure worth purchasing.  They only take CASH, but the prices are reasonable.  Also, for large items, they deliver for an extra fee.  I am still kicking myself for not buying an amazing dressform that they were selling for a STEAL.  Of course, when I returned to amend my wayward ways and purchase the prize, it was gone.  Happy hunting, fickle as it may be!

"Shop" Culture: Throwback to my favorite shopping gurus (i.e. the original Shopaholic (Becky), Material Girl (Madge), and Retail Therapist (Audrey).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Belting it out about Nona E Rose!

Vintage inspired sleek and chic belts? Styled with floral turbans? Yes Please!  My superstar friend Rachel not only has her own line of awesome belts, but she has a blog too!  Rachel is a glamour girl and spreads her knowledge to the masses.  Check out the Glamour Guild Blog!  Guided by her awesome taste and quest for excellence, she creates unique pieces inspired by belt buckles she has found through her travels.  Her brand, Nona E Rose is named after her Grandmas.  What better a gift for mother's day? So sweet.