Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gusset- Fall Chic @ Palisades mall

Yesterday, I visited my sister in Nyack, New York (Rockland County)  We were exploring the Palisades Mall.  I stumbled upon a new store called Gusset- so new, it does not have it's own website (only a facebook page) With a fall flavor and a great mix of high and low merchandise- there is something for everyone.  Their pieces- including dip dyed plaid shirts, enzyme washed trapeze tees, shredded jeans and wool paisley scarves hit every perfect note for fall.  The pieces are on trend but also extremely wearable.  Although the store could easily pass for a high end boutique, the prices are very reasonable.  If you live anywhere near this mall, check it out! You won't be sorry. 

The Valley Girl Blogger said it very well: the pieces are edgy yet classy and the store has everything you could want.  I will be going back again and again!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pop Up Shop- Lost & Found Long Beach NY

Tonight, I attended a Pop Up Shop at a local restaurant in Long Beach, NY called Lost & Found.  This restaurant is one-of-a kind because it is truly its own brand.  The chef is passionate about food, and menu items change weekly.  They were recently written up in the New York Times!  Not only is the space used to serve fine and funky cuisine, but every month, the restaurant is converted into a store.

Local hipsters and young entrepreneurs gathered to sell and shop.  Wares included homemade soaps (with all natural ingredients of course) clothing made from hemp fibers with hand screened graphics, re purposed denim pockets as hand bags and air plant terrariums to name a few. Although not all of the vendors have web sites, I was able to dig up some digital dirt:

The event was hosted by Indigo Apparel, an eco-friendly hand made clothing brand.  I recognized the brand owner right away because she was also our waitress this past Sunday night at dinner!
I was coveting the bamboo infinity wrap scarf in cinnamon apple.  I might have to order it online:

Crushin Nadas Empanadas: ridiculously delicious and only available at pop up shop nights-
I had the Steak Nada (marinated skirt steak, sweet peppers, onion, garlic, shitake mushroom and provolone cheese) $8

 Tulip Jones:
A skin care line of all-natural products with no chemicals.  I got the vanilla and sandalwood balm ($18 for large tin) . It can be used as moisturizer and on lips.  It comes in a metal tin, so it has no plastic exposure. The owner/creator is so inspiring because she promotes healthy alternatives to skin care.  Read more about her. 

 If you live in or near Long Beach, NY check out the monthly Pop Up Shop scene: a great way to support local creative talent and to be exposed to new and interesting ideas.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Honey, BEE Have! Savannah Bee Co. Review

I left out another great South Carolina find that is ALSO online:

Savannah Bee Co. 

This adorable and interesting store sells everything HONEY.   When you walk in, there is a Honey Bar with a tasting station.  You can sample several flavors with disposable tasting spoons.  At first, I did not believe there could be a whole store that just sells honey, but they I got an education:

There is special honey just for Tea, honey perfect for pairing with cheese, and honey straws to add flavor while sipping a drink!

But honey is not just here for you to eat. There are many other special treats:

Honey lip balm- tasty, moisturizing, and natural.


 They have every type of soap, balm and cream that a girl could ever dream she would need.  There are candles galore, and all kinds of snacks.  You can bet your beehive I will be going back!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Charleston, SC- Shop your southern belle heart out!

I went to Charleston, SC for a bachelorette party.  I was expecting delicious food and fun times, but never did I expect the level of shopping that I found.   Boutiques galore, each one smelling better than the last! Here are my favorite places that I had time to see. 

1. Pink Dot Beauty Bar
Friendly staff, lots of products.  I bought ARCONA brand skin products and my skin has never looked better!

2. Lori + Lulu
Cute boutique with clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Some pricy items, but had gorgeous Sorrelli Jewelry.  Beautiful, big sparkly gems in unique and youthful designs.
I got a gorgeous cocktail ring that looks like it costs a LOT more than it did!  All of the rings are adjustable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

3. Charleston Cooks
We took a cooking class at this awesome place! It also has a store with some of the quirkiest kitchen gadgets I have ever seen, and of course, you can buy them online!

Some really cool tools we saw in action were:
Herb Shears!  Cut herbs with ease and one swishing motion!

Non-slip cork cutting boards- for a cleaner surface and less damage to the knife and board.
Silicone everything! What's not to like? It doesn't stick and it can be heated up to 450 degrees!
From ice cube trays to muffin holders:

4. Bevello

Clothing and jewelry boutique with a stylish, fashion forward assortment. I'm diggin these super simple one stone necklaces.
Plus, their fall preview is really on point.

Also, they have really yummy smelling hand lotion.
Have fun Y'all!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dick's Sporting Goods- my new fave store?!

Aside from the clever pun jokes, Dick's is for Chicks! Ok, I had to put one in there.  But seriously,  in my suburban life adventures, I have been frequenting Dick's Sporting Goods, and it is now my favorite store.  Why?  Well:

1. They have amazing women's clothing! Yes, athletic clothing FOR WOMEN that is thought out, fashionable, high quality, and of great selection.
I got a REEBOK printed two piece that is sporty and fun!

2: They have a women's trend shop with everything you never knew you needed:

I learned that I need cute colorful running pants, shirts with back interest, short shorts, and colorful running gear:

With So many brands and styles to choose from, whether you are an athlete or just want to look like one, Dicks has it all.

3.  They have an outdoors games section with all the fun ideas you need for an outdoor party:
From Can Jam to Baggo, all outdoor games over $19.99 are BOGO!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

PetValu- $10 to bathe your dog in style!

Bath time for Jameson, our adopted North Shore Animal League dog, is NOT fun.   I mean, imagine if you hate water, then are shoved in a closed room and plunged into a tub.  My boyfriend holds her down while I try in vain to spray her with water and clean her with soap.  There is so much wriggling and fighting, it is a work out! At the end of the ordeal, the tub is filled with dog hair, and our pup rubs her wet fur all over the leather couch before we can catch her in a towel.  She is 26 pounds of stubborn determination!

Enter: PetValu.  Their self-serve dog wash ($10 a wash) is quite possibly the most amazing facility in my suburban life.  They provide everything you didn't even know you needed (see below)

Jameson and I enter the store: it is filled with yummy smelling treats, so she is not immediately scared.  Then, realization hits: we are taking a bath.  A helpful store employee corrals her behind the bathing area gate.  Then, we hoist her up into the MARBLE BATH.

 *image similar to my experience, but borrowed from the internet.

 Seriously, this is the lap of luxury.  We tether her to the wall so that she cannot frantically jump out of the tub.  Then, I get to wear a complimentary rubber coated apron to protect my clothes from the inevitable shake off water shrapnel.  We get a choice of shampoo.  I choose the oatmeal blend because it soothes dry skin.  There is a lovely hose to spray her down with.  When I start in with the soap,  Jamo finally relaxes- its  like a massage at a spa! What's not to like?  Also, as she is being washed she can see out into the store, so she does not feel AS trapped.

*not my dog, but similar experience...

Then.. its dryer time.  After toweling my pup off, I turn on the wall-mounted dryer.  For lack of proper terms, it has a tube attached with an end that looks like a hair dryer.  Jameson is TERRIFIED but she can't get too far because she is tethered in.  Once I start in with the high velocity dryer, it only takes a few minutes to blast the water off of her short fur.  When it's all done, I remove the tether and replace her leash.  The PetValu store employee gave her a treat for a job well done.  If only human life was THAT easy.

Then, I headed to the store part to get her a take home treat.  This dog has the LIFE.  With so many options, it was really hard to choose.  I settled on a realistic looking/ tasting? stick. I can always count on PetValu to have interesting choices.   By the way, she LOVED it... go figure.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shop Small- Long Beach New York

I have recently discovered unique boutiques in Long Beach New York.  Just a reminder that small businesses are popping up everywhere, so shop where you live! Take a stroll and admire the entrepreneurial spirit!  Suggestions welcome!!

These shops are amazing sources of unique and lovely gifts of all different price ranges:

Momona Gallery

Beautiful hand crafted fair trade goods.  Most of the products sold here are made by women under fair labor conditions.  Ranges of gifts from cards, to candles, to clothing, to beautiful decor for the home. Something new and exciting at every glance.  Worth the trip! Plus, the shop owner is so passionate about what she does, it makes shopping there truly rewarding.

Cute and funky accessories store: fun bracelets, necklaces and rings in the "beachy" spirit!

OOHLALA Boutique
Fun and girly clothing and accessories in a super cute environment.  I got one of these "Home" Sweatshirts- as seen on Shark Tank:

My Beach Baby
A little kids clothing and accessories store that also offers BABY YOGA! And art classes for little ones. I LOVE this idea so very much! These ladies are awesome!