Sunday, September 9, 2012

Francesca's Collections: bright baubles, printed tops and other fun finds!

I knew Francesca's Collections was a hip and affordable boutique that I visited in Chicago.   When I saw a Francesca's in the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City this past weekend, I realized with glee that not only is it a chain, it has a WEBSITE!!

Francesca's arranges their clothes and jewels by color.   They sell kitchy items such as funky note pads and squirrel shaped erasers.  The prices are reasonable for these off-color fashion/ trend items (averaging between $20-$50).  From sunglasses to tights to earrings galore, there is something for everyone at this store.

They also have selected "manager's special" sales that highlight the trendiest products of the week.  Ever changing product assortment with a boutique feel makes this store a lovable treasure!

Check out the website and see if there's a Francesca's near you!

Mustache collection :)

Cute Dresses:

 Statement Jewels:

Bags of all shapes and sizes:

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