Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Super Soft Well Designed- Dolan "T-Shirt" at Anthro

I refuse to pay $88 for a plain t-shirt. I don't care how soft it is. Give me some design elements to make it worth my while.

I was in Anthro yesterday... the store seduces me by its exotic candle smells, and what I HOPE is good quality and good design.

I purchased a SUPER SOFT 3/4 length sleeve shirt by a brand called "Dolan". Never heard of them, but they've been around, in LA since at least 2011, according to their laid back website.  The shirt is not only AMAZINGLY comfy, but it is LONG enough to cover my tummy, and it has cool piecing at the shoulders and front neck.

I bought the grey, but check out the navy version avail at Anthro.com:

Very happy with my purchase :)

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