Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tibet Your Bottom Dollar- amazing Tibetan finds for fair prices

ABC Carpet and Home is a great source of inspiration for many.  The Union Square location is a magical world of quirky vignettes.  The first floor is divided into sections by brand and theme.  The high-low mixing of inexpensive pieces and pricey items creates a richly diverse shopping experience.

However, the section that I am most happy to have stumbled upon is TIBETAN ARTS AND CRAFTS.  From handmade beads to hand-felted make up bags, to tiger shaped rugs, to plush scarves of all colors, shapes and sizes, this shop has so many authentic finds, it is hard to believe you are still in NYC.  I felt like I was transported to another country.  My eyes poured over every wall and display for at least a half hour before I decided on a few necklaces and a ring (each was only $20!).  Granted, there were MANY expensive items mixed in... but still enough "under $50 finds" to make me happy.

This is a must see for anyone tired of finding the same mass produced trinkets everywhere, who wants something original, hand crafted and authentic. Also, great for gifts!

A blogger called Katz and the City posted a great photo of the section:

Some other photos:

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