Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Indigo-ing gets tough...

As the comfort craze takes hold, we are more likely to see "denim" in the form of indigo knit sweatpant hybrids than traditional "jeans".  Over the past few years, Diesel has focused more of its designs into athleisure, promoting Jogg Jeans, a denim look with a sweatpant feel.  Today, everyone from high fashion to babies are wearing knit denim.

Have we become over-saturated with Indigo?  Jeans have become so common-place and have been sold at such discounts that high regard for denim quality seems to have fallen by the wayside.  However, while I try to adopt these new trends, there is something about denim that always pulls me back.

First of all, decent jeans do not fall apart after one wear.  They get better with age and time, showing the details of your movements as love-worn creases.  I always keep my phone in my front pocket, and notice that after a while, I get the "phone mark" etched into my indigo, making these jeans uniquely mine.

One brand that I can always turn to for innovative denim with respect to craftsmanship and history is Scotch and Soda.  I raided their NYC sample sale on the first day (yesterday), and made off with some great pieces that will stand the test of time.  To get your indi-groove on, head to 260 Sample Sale on 5th Ave btwn 28th and 29th St before all the best stuff sells out.

Here is my "borrowed from the boys" denim shirt.  Yes, I shop the men's section.  Its not even a secret that men's quality garments are often better than women's, and for that "oversized look", it is often more effective when buying off the dudes rack.  I love the destructed and repaired details. This shirt will be great for layering over a cute summer romper!

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