Sunday, August 23, 2015

Honey, BEE Have! Savannah Bee Co. Review

I left out another great South Carolina find that is ALSO online:

Savannah Bee Co. 

This adorable and interesting store sells everything HONEY.   When you walk in, there is a Honey Bar with a tasting station.  You can sample several flavors with disposable tasting spoons.  At first, I did not believe there could be a whole store that just sells honey, but they I got an education:

There is special honey just for Tea, honey perfect for pairing with cheese, and honey straws to add flavor while sipping a drink!

But honey is not just here for you to eat. There are many other special treats:

Honey lip balm- tasty, moisturizing, and natural.


 They have every type of soap, balm and cream that a girl could ever dream she would need.  There are candles galore, and all kinds of snacks.  You can bet your beehive I will be going back!

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