Saturday, April 23, 2011

80%20: B/c we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time

I discovered the brand 80%20 at Atrium in Soho, after a long and drawn out boot saga.  I'll spare you the details, but it involved many broken side zippers and boots that were too narrow (damn calves).  My mission was to find a boot that fit and that was dressy yet comfortable.  If I find a garment/ shoe that I love, I wear it into the ground, so it has to withstand my obsessive love.  I tried on the "Montana Black" on a whim because I was getting desperate and thought "why not"?  I usually can't bear to spend the Atrium prices, but they were having a sale in December so it was bearable.  Lo and behold, I found my boot-mate.  The shoes slip right on and are roomy at the ankle to suggest a svelte leg.  The studded up beauties fit over my skinny jeans and can easily be worn all day and into the night without causing a sidewalk wipe out.  The brand has many great shoes.  Check them out for yourself!

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