Sunday, April 24, 2011

"To our Wives and Sweethearts. May they Never Meet"

I was shopping in Williamsburg, BK today and while scrounging through thrift stores, I came upon a brand of vintage-esque jewelry by a designer named Erica Weiner.  Her website describes her designs as: "locally made, affordable vintage inspired jewelry, designed with a sense of humor." Many of her pieces are based on her original vintage finds.  I purchased the Boozy Wisdom Bracelet.  This piece has many hilarious sayings that seem as if they are from another time, such as the title of this post.  I love that her products are vintage-inspired but are brand new because as fun as it is to buy vintage, I like having pieces that are not already worn-out.  Erica Weiner has quite a fan following, and I will be checking out her store in the city soon!

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