Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bend, and Snap!

Ice Ice Baby its HOT outside.  Don't have an ice-maker?  If you are like me, you hate the standard issue plastic ice tray.  Getting the ice cubes out is a pain.  You bang the plastic on the side of a counter, all the ice goes flying, and voila, your ice gets a hint of "kitchen floor" (not my flavor of choice).

Well, the bend and snap is great for more than just picking up men (thanks Elle Woods).  With the Quick Snap Ice Cube Tray from Bed Bath and Beyond, ice cubes are a snap!  Simply fill the tray with filtered water and freeze.  Then, after the ice is frozen, bend (twist) the flexible rubber tray to loosen the cubes.  Each ice cube has a latch underneath it.  Press the latch open and the ice cube is released!

 Pop. Unlock. Enjoy.

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