Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Slice of PiperLIME

Piperlime: One little word, so many possibilities.  This online shopping site is a hub of amazing shoe designs. They also have wonderful clothing items and accessories.  You can sort by price, by trend, by fit, or even by Celeb Stylist Rachel Zoe's fave pics.

I went to the Piperlime pop up shop last Sept. during the NYC fashion's night out.  They gave out zingy postcards with fun sayings such as "Every Time You Wear  Sweatpants in Public, a Single Guy Leaves New York". Another fave quote was "Every Day is a 'Wear An Outfit That Will Make Your Ex Eat His Heart Out' Day".

The philosophy behind is "Let's Get Dressed".  Putting a little bit more effort into your look, via a stylish necklace or a cute scarf, can be inexpensive and can yield great results.  It's amazing what a little revamp can do for your self esteem, too.
I have purchased many shoes on Piperlime and their customer service is fabulous.  Plus, every time you open a box, the inside is decorated with their cute lime print :) They also have an exclusive brand: Hive and Honey that I adore because they have stylish designs at inexpensive prices, such as these awesome shoes:

What are you waiting for? Get shopping.

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