Saturday, December 31, 2011

American Apparel Warehouse Sale- up to 90% off- thru Jan. 11

 What better neighborhood than Chelsea, NYC to host an American Apparel warehouse sale? I have NEVER seen a sample sale with so much product: not just rows but aisles of clothes! Sure, there are some wacky sheer hot pink harem pants and gold pleather bodysuits, but the sale also had some sweet items I could actually wear in public.

The sale is around 26th street and 6th Avenue. Originally, it was supposed to end Dec. 27th, but it has been extended to January 11th.   There are racks and racks of clothing: from t-shirts to skirts, dresses, leggings, panties, etc.  The majority of items are priced between $4 and $20!

Most of the women's garments looked teeny tiny.  If you are a dancer or very petite, you will be in heaven.  There was an entire area for bodysuits and tights with stirrups.

I followed some fashion-savvy girls to the men's side of the sale.  It was there that I found shirts that would actually fit a human being.  They also had some comical printed Tees, such as this homage to Bert and Ernie:

I picked up some lace tees in black and navy that will be fun to layer over bright color tank tops.  Although these items were a hefty $18 each instead of the whopping $4 that most garments went for, they are much more wearable than some of the pieces there.  I scoured the whole sale, and I am a tough critic- only buying things I will wear. 

Buyer beware- all sales are final so make sure you really want that $5 sweat shirt with a neck opening that is too small, or your peach tapered trousers with pouffy crotch.  Hipsters- you will be in HEAVEN.

No matter who you are, you should at least check this sale out, if only to be amused by the crazy styles that the design team dreamed up, which are inspired by vintage garments that you can also purchase!


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