Monday, March 12, 2012

Patagonia Tin Shed- 50% off "winter jackets"

Patagonia Tin Shed is a pop-up shop that is temporarily on the UWS and UES of Manhattan and down in Soho.   I've been seeing a LOT of people wearing lightweight Patagonia jackets in bright, fun colors (men, women and children of all ages).   With the majority of the store's stock at 50% off, I knew it was worth taking a look around.

I was skeptical of the jackets because they seem too lightweight to keep me warm, but the staff assured me that Patagonia jackets are specially designed to keep you warm without weighing you down. 

I bought a lovely short black number with a hood.  So cute, so easy to carry around, and keeps me warm.   I kind of want to pick up another in a bright color like electric blue or berry pink.

Check out Patagonia Tin Shed Concept stores before they close in April!

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