Monday, April 9, 2012

Drooling over JCrew Jewels

I am Drooling over JCrew's current jewelry selection.  I went to the store on 44th and Madison tonight.  I must say, either they have amazing lighting and store decor, or I was hallucinating from the hypnotic yet trendy music, but I swear, I saw some serious sparkle.

JCrew is currently offering funky baubles with interesting material combinations: beading/ sparkles, enamel, and metal crafted into organic shapes such as floral and coral.  Nab these designs quickly, because the prices are fair for this fantastic flair!

 JCrew manages to keep their accessories classy, while infusing just enough funk and fun to dress up any outfit!

Not as much available online as in stores, so get to a store and go nuts!

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