Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FJALLRAVEN-the backpack that HAUNTS ME!

Everywhere I turn, I see a rectangular backpack with a logo of a fox and Swedish language! I thought I was going crazy, or that my subway train was overrun by European tourists.    Then, I noticed the same backpack at a trend-forward denim store, Industrie Denim in San Francisco.

THEN, I was on JCREW's KIDS website tonight, and voila! Swedish backpack!  After the universe smacking me repeatedly on the head with this fox icon, I decided I needed find out what the heck all of the hype is about.

Name:  Fjällräven® classic Kanken backpack

Tell me a little about yourself:  Well, my name means "arctic fox." I am a frame backpack made of super-durable nylon. I come in a variety of bright colors and I am proud to boast a brand heritage of 60 years, and all the Scandinavian kids have been toting me around since I debuted in 1978!


There is even a site called I Love my Kanken!

I'm not sure if I will actually buy one.... would you?


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