Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to put on a duvet cover!

I like to buy duvet covers instead of multiple comforters.  Because they are made of sheet fabric and can easily be removed, they are much easier to clean than actual comforters, and they can change the entire look of an apartment.  Plus, they take up less space.

Like how a bed can go from this: (Ralph Lauren) simple, understated chic

To THIS loud crazy patterned DVF number:

HOWEVER, until a few moments ago, I agonized and dreaded putting a fresh duvet cover ON.  This is because its damn near impossible... or so I thought.

After trying every method I could think of, including climbing inside the duvet cover while dragging the blanket unsuccessful toward its corners... I decided to google the experts.

The blog: Chez Larsson details a quick and easy way to turn this dastardly chore into a simple task.   The writer used to work on cruise ships, changing hundreds of beds a day, so she doesn't mess around!

Ready for this?!  You turn the duvet cover inside out, put your hands in it like a puppet, grab the corners of your comforter, and with one quick flip and slip, the duvet cover rights itself and sandwiches around the blanket. Pure bliss!  Check out more details here:

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