Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prada's Gatsby- bejeweled dreamlike costumes

On display to the public, until May 12th, in the Prada store in SOHO (NYC), are the physical evidence of a decadent dream.  A dream of the roaring 1920's in all their splendor. With jewels upon jewels glimmering and beaded dresses oddly still.  One can picture vivacious women bringing them to life and movement making a cacophonous sound of the beaded fringed hems.


The last dress in this sequence is the piece de resistance. Daisy's party dress.  Daisy's "old money" class separates her from the pack- the color makes her seem innocent and pure, although in truth she is more superficial than all the rest. 

The costume designer of Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby used Prada to create the female scene in the movie, hitting theaters this Friday.

Seeing the costumes and living in New York bring an air of reality to this fantastic fantasy. Although the story teaches us many lessons, it is hard to see anything past the bright glimmer of these ladies!

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