Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The MOONMAT: One giant leap for humankind

      This past weekend, I went to the Dave Matthews Band Caravan concert in Atlantic City, NJ.  I thought that bringing a blanket to sit on would be sufficient.  After about three hours of sitting in the dirt with only 1/4 inch of cheaply woven shoddy Mexican blanket separating me from the dusty earth, I was frustrated.  It got worse when sharp, dried out pieces of grass kept sticking me.  Three days of this?  Not so fun.
     Then, I noticed that people were sitting on giant foam pads with holes punched in them.  I couldn't resist finding out more.  There was in fact a stand selling hundreds of these swiss cheese squishy blankets: aka The Moonmat.  I bought one immediately for $25: BEST PURCHASE EVER MADE.  My friend and I sat comfortably for the duration of the weekend.  The memory foam is squishy to sit or stand on, and the blanket is large yet lightweight and flexible for rolling and carrying.  I can't wait to use my Moonmat in the park on a nice sunny day.  See ya later blanket.  Fly me to the moon!

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