Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Bacon the new Mustache?

Bacon is a food that is delicious with anything.  What better affirmation for that than the event I attended on Saturday: the first annual Bacon Bash.   This was an event in which seven different food vendors offered tastings of sweet and savory bacon treats.

However, today, while out shopping in my favorite East Village quirkeries, I discovered that bacon also goes well with kitsch!

What's Shakin', Bacon? Bacon Alarm Clock- shakes to wake: (found this at Alphabets on 7th st and Ave A.)

Bacon flavored dental floss (found at Exit 9, on 3rd st and Ave A):
And of course, who can resist Bendable Mr. Bacon? Can't get enough? Check out the bacon themed page on Archie

What WILL they THINK of next??!!

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