Thursday, February 23, 2012

Krissy Lipka- Fashion Illustrations

SU Fashion Design Class of '06: some seriously talented chicas!    I am so inspired by all of the successes I have seen.

 From Tara Banerjee, the Willamsburg Seamster, to Rachel Sax, creator and designer of accessories line: Nona E Rose, to Mae Polson's exquisite hand crafted leather bags available on Etsy, and on and on.

Krissy Lipka was always one of my favorites.  With a playful blend of youthfulness and sass, its no wonder that she coined our senior year t-shirt slogan: "Just Because We Don't Sleep, Doesn't Mean We Don't Have Dreams."

I am so proud of Krissy because her fashion illustrations are now on display in Washington, DC.  If you are in the area, they are being displayed at Georgetown's  "Baked and Wired," an adorably trendy cupcakery and coffee shop. 

Krissy- hope you don't mind my re-posting of your pics from FB. Way to go girl!

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