Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colors of Brazil

The year: 2005. The store: Galeries Lafayette
The in-store display: Colors of Brazil.   Before I became a blogger, tweeter, and internet fashion hound, I studied for a summer in Paris.  It was the summer before my senior year at Syracuse, and I combed the city searching for inspiration for my senior collection.

I remember being disappointed at the lack of color.  Every store seemed to have drab olives and neutrals.  I wasn't having it.  Enter: Galeries Lafayette (an upscale Parisian department store).  The ground floor had an entire display on Brazil: bags, chunky beaded necklaces, and COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.

I created my collection with the inspiration of these colors.  Every year, I have waited for a season to arrive that is as bright and vibrant as Brazil itself.  Whoever designed the move "RIO" (cartoon birds- yes I'm serious) was right on the money.

The colors in the opening sequence are mesmerizing.  The bright, bold birds light up the jungle.  Get inspired this spring to shake your tail feather and embrace color!


These are my favorite combos:

My "Birds" (senior collection: 2006)

How to wear it today!

As the Gap says: Be Bright!

Do your MAC - up!

Get your Color on at American Apparel:

Can't decide what color?  Choose from Joe's Jeans 55 colors!!! 

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