Saturday, February 4, 2012

Turning Japanese: Enthralled by Japanese Student Fash Show

I am a white Jewish girl with serious Japanese Fashion Diva envy.  The Japanese fashion scene seems to explode with imagination!  There is a blog called in which a photographer highlights a Japanese citizen in their daily outfit.  Each person's look is more outrageous than the last, yet there is always a method to the madness. 

Usually, there is one image per day.  Imagine my joy when today's post was three pages long!  Apparently, the Bunka Fashion Graduate University had its annual show.  Students created collections to show their visions.   Feelings of awe and amazement washed over me as I viewed these collections.  I was amazed at the students' creative use of inspiration to spin something totally new.  

Here are some of the most breath taking looks.  I encourage you to follow to get your daily does of Japanese fashion! 

Lady Gaga eat your heart out!  I love everything about this look, from the glam hippie vibe to the combination of prints and solids, to the interesting shaped piecing.  by Daphne Mohajer-Va-Pesaran

Hats off to Tan Yu Szu! The silhouettes are fairy simple but the bold fabric colors and fresh quilting details bring these looks to another level.  I totally want that neon pink kimono-like top!

The cut texture in this leather-like fabric adds femininity and sophistication.  Tatsuya Tamada's unique silhouettes set these looks apart from anything I have ever seen!  

Junnosuke Kato's  jacket of the future! It looks very comfortable, but the black leather boot/ pants?! make it edgy.  I love the oversized hood and all of the tubes.  Its a cross between an alien space suit, and a badass punk jamming out on her walk to work.

While all of these looks are eye-catching, my surprise favorite was actually: Lisa Yamai
Delicate pastel fairylike looks get some edge with stylized cut-out shapes and asymmetrical drape! 
Football uniform inspired corset tops with ballerina tutu tulle are a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine without looking costumey or forced.

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