Monday, May 30, 2011

Woodbury Commons = Shop Till You Drop!

Woodbury Commons.   Two little words... too many shopping bags.  This collection of designer discount outlets is located just a short 45 minutes outside of NYC.   I felt like I was in a shopper's Disney World! (and I wasn't the only one).  From Theory to Lacoste to J.Crew to Saks to Prada to Burburry... well you get  the idea.  Me and a shopping partner who chose to remain anonymous charted our course and bravely dared to hit the entire shopping complex in one day.  We started out bright eyed and naive.  We ended the day satisfied but absolutely exhausted.  My shoulders will probably have indentations from carrying heavy shopping bags for 3 days but it was soo worth it!!!  There are new products every day, there are huge discounts, and everything is just SO PRETTY!  I'm gonna pass out now.

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