Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cash, Luck and a love of the Peculiar

On my weekend strolls down Houston St. in Soho, I always try to do a walk-by at Billy's Antiques and Props.   This storefront is really a large tent with furniture aligning the street leading up to the "shop."  The great thing about Billy's is that you never know what you will find: antique jewelry, mannequins, taxidermy, mirrors, and other odds and ends.  Each piece has unique qualities, and while you sift through the bizarre finds, you may unearth a treasure worth purchasing.  They only take CASH, but the prices are reasonable.  Also, for large items, they deliver for an extra fee.  I am still kicking myself for not buying an amazing dressform that they were selling for a STEAL.  Of course, when I returned to amend my wayward ways and purchase the prize, it was gone.  Happy hunting, fickle as it may be!

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  1. reminds me of those shows on TV like Oddities on Discovery Channel!