Saturday, May 21, 2011

Colette- a gift from France!

Paris- to some it is the city of lights.  For others, the city of shopping.  My favorite part of Pari was not the Touer De Eiffel, but the Store de Colette!   I mean come on: it's eclectic, has a water bar, and merchandises books on graffiti next to Pucci bags.  The window display when I saw the store featured a life sized replica of Miss Piggy laying on a chaise lounge in a PRADA gown!  Colette is what's fresh and hip in France.  They have insights into music/ fashion/ art/ all that is "so hot right now".  Best part is, you can shop online!  I am totes digging the spongebob sunglasses.  Fo real.

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