Monday, June 1, 2015

Darby Smart- a crafter's paradise

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own Etsy shop?  Do you have a creative urge to craft, but you are not sure where to find that outlet?  Darby Smart may be for you.  Darby Smart is a crafter's paradise.  Basically, they sell craft projects, but not the hot glue gun and macaroni kind.  These craft projects come straight from the minds of quirky young designers, and look fabulously professional.

One great example is the teacup candle.  What a cool idea.  Plenty of people may buy a pretty teacup but it just sits on the shelf. Why not turn it into a great smelling candle?  You can satisfy your crafting urge, learn a neat skill, and make an awesome item for yourself or a friend to enjoy.

 Here's now Darby is so smart: they show you the steps to each project and offer an easy way to buy all of the components from their site.  They also offer discounts, as well as link to other similar ideas.  I like that you can choose which items to buy, instead of being locked into a whole kit.

The best part is that Darby offers many opportunities: Work for them by selling your designs, sell merchandise that you have created, peruse finished products that people have posted and created in the Showroom, and learn about new techniques and ideas all on one site. 

Plus, their trend report section is out of this world and elevates crafting to a most professional level.

If you have any interest in DIY at all, check them out.  Life changing!



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