Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GOVBALL2015 through my eyes

I attended the Governor's Ball NYC 2015 concert last Sunday.  This is a weekend-long music festival on Randall's Island with music, food trucks, and over-sized board games galore.  Of course,  I was on the hunt for inspiring fashions.  What I soon realized, was that many girls opted for comfort over couture, and that cheeky humor reigned supreme.  Literally, there were girls sporting temporary tattoos by their derrieres that said "cheeky". 

While I was not able to photograph all of the madness, I did get some choice shots.  Here is the GovBall through my eyes: Enjoy!

*Also, if you attended, do you have any awesome pics or insights to share?!

Ode to NYC- subways, bridges, coffee, baseball, and PIZZA!

What's more New York than a George Costanza backpack?  I do not know!

A slice of Americana.

The lady in shades, and fanny packs at two o'clock!

Everyone is so casual...

But this guy is CAT-TASTIC!

There has to be at least ONE Frozen reference. Go Olaf!

The only way to not get LOST at GovBall- wear NEON! Total props to this duo for keeping it matching and interesting!

When in doubt, wear a George Washington shirt with a mustache, and neon shades! Total win!

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