Thursday, June 18, 2015


My true New Yorker friend Rachel told me about a mecca of adorable and affordable kitchy items: FLYING TIGER!  The company is based in Copenhagen, and they just opened a NYC store on the corner of 21st St and 5th Ave.  And their website home page is animals taking a selfie with a selfie stick (only $6)

The Dutch designs are clever and humorous.  The prices can't be beat! Most items are under $10. The store design is ingenious.  It is set up as a maze-like path.  Low shelves make the store feel open, but you must walk by everything to get to the register!  So much to see.  Pictures explain it best.  Can't buy online, only in the store, but SO WORTH THE TRIP.

Here are some things that made me smile MOST:

Mustache lovers? Here's hangers, bike seat covers, wipe boards, magnets, etc! 

Knife block made of plastic blades of grass in the nature themed section.

 Cute and fun items for the home. 

"MAKE A FACE" Party favor boxes: $2
 Fish Themed Cake Decorations- $3

  Waterproof Shoe Covers for festivals!  $4

Hedgehog shaped tape dispenser to jazz up your office.  $3
 Pencil Sharpener that attaches to any water bottle: $1

Strawberry Calculator- $2

 Make Up Headband- For keeping your hair out of your face when you do your make up! $2
  Space Saving Angel Wing Scarf Hanger: $4

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