Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doggy Essentials- advice for Pup Parents

I am a proud pup parent.  I take my role seriously, and I enjoy chatting with other owners at the dog park and around town.  We chat about our little guys and what items we buy for them.  However, this is not going to be an article about frou frou sweaters, although they are so darn cute.   There are some things that I actually could not survive without!  Here are the top items to own if you have a dog:

1. Poop Bag Dispenser with refill bags. 
Instead of grabbing a random grocery bag and being left in the S#!t when your dog has to poop a second time, do yourself a favor and come prepared.  I attach a little plastic bone to the leash and have bags ready to dispense at all times. Also, lending a bag to a fellow pet owner in need is a great way to make friends!
2. The Furminator- deshedding brush
I tried wire bristle brushes, rubber brush tools, and even my own hair brush, but could not get my dog to sit still.  I even tried using a mitt with rubber "hair grabbers" on the end.  Nothing worked.  Then, my friend told me about The Furminator.  It is a steel fine-tooth comb with a handle, and it has an easy hair removal latch. My dog loves the feel of it brushing her, and I love not having her fur all over the couch.  They have different tools for dog size and dog hair length, so you can tailor the brush to your needs.

3. Harness.
This is a MUST have, especially if your dog is small and likes to pull.  Before harnessing my dog, I practically strangled her every time I tried to walk her on leash because she would pull like CRAZY to go in the direction of something she wanted to see.  I went through 5 different harnesses because she kept escaping her way out of them.  Finally, I found one that worked for me.  It is by Puppia, and it is soft foam around her neck and chest, so it does not hurt her.   Also, as a tip, never leave the harness on your dog when they are at home.  If they like to chew, they WILL eat through the straps!

What are your must-have pup products?

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