Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Herbivore? Carnivore? EVERYBODY POLYVORE!

Whether you eat meat or veggies, you can all enjoy Polyvore.  Polyvore is a unique website where you can express your own fashion style and pick up tips on hot new trends and how to rock them right!  Sign up for FREE and let your creative juices flow.  Create a "SET" of images that convey a style you like, items you think are hot, or whatever your heart desires.  Choose from tons of items stored on the site or add your own.  Polyvore provides you the template and the tools, and you make it possible.  They even tell you who makes each item and how much it costs.  Also, there are lists of top TRENDS, sites, celebs, etc.  Enough to make your head spin.  Check out other people's ideas, SHARE your own, and GET INSPIRED by the community around you!

This is my first "set" attempt.  I had some trouble with adding text, but I wanted to call it: Free to Be Chic.  I added pics of my fave items of the moment:  Crossover bags, fedoras, tribal prints, florals, skinny  jeans, metallic bags, wedge sandals, and wispy ethnic necklaces.  What are you into?

Happy Polyvoring!

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