Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Forever 21 = vacation wardrobe made easy

So every time I am going on a beach vacation, I "plan" to go to the gym weeks before, and am too stubborn to buy clothes for said trip b/c I haven't shed any pounds.  Now, with only a day until my excursion begins, I have very few things to wear.  Enter Forever 21.  I hopped in there tonight and was wowed by all of the bright patterns and summery silhouettes.  As I combed through short shorts, neons, tribal prints and funky florals, I really got into the beach mood.  I walked out with two skirts and a top for a mere $42.00 in total.  Best part is, the skirts have pockets!!! I now feel confident that I will rock this vacation. Thanks Forever for being open till 10:30 on a weeknite.  Luv,  Shopahillic!

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