Saturday, June 18, 2011

Da Balm

It's Summer.  Time to maintain your skin!  Here are my two favorite tools to combat dry lips and cuticles:

1.  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick.
This multifunctional chap stick has been dubbed "the glue stick" because it is the same size as a glue stick, but it acts as a chap stick.  You can also use it on patches of dry skin.  It goes on light and has a subtle, summery fragrance.  It moisturizes like a dream.  I use it all year round.  It only costs about $2.99 on, so I have one for home/ work/ travel.  As long as I have my Palmer's, my lips are never dry.  Plus, it is a great tool to use to blend with gloss or lipstick to get a more matte look.

2. Rosebud Salve.
This salve comes in an adorable vintage tin.  It can be found at drugstores and Sephora.  It is great for dry cuticles, lips, etc.  It is a little bit messy because you have to apply with your finger, but it definitely does the job.  I love using it on my nails to spruce up an aging mani.

Stay gorgeous!

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