Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old Navy: Where the prices are skimpier than the bikinis!

So ladies: last minute bathing suit shopping is about as enjoyable as flossing.  Seriously, I envy the lucky ones who can throw on a string bikini and be done with it, but some of us need a little more... material?  When I walked into Old Navy tonight, the line to pay was longer than the line at a popular nightclub.  Why?  Pretty much everything for summer is on sale for $10.  Shorts, flip flops, skirts, coverups, sandals, and of course, swimwear.  I got a 2 piece swimsuit for $20.00.  Yes people, Old Navy Swimwear: gilt free mix and match bikinis that make you look fresh on the beach.  So save that extra dough to update your look next year!  And with that, I am on vacation.   Don't fret. I will return next week with more shopping gems to brighten your day, put a hop in your step, and bring your wallet to tears!

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