Monday, June 13, 2011

Airport Shopping

Fortunately for my wallet, the weather was so nice on vacation that I did not partake in any rainy day activities involving shopping malls.  I almost made it home without spending a dime, but wait, oh wait, there's the airport gift shops!  It should surprise no one that I raced through the metal detector and ignored my grumbling stomach in favor of ogling random trinkets for a good half hour.   There's nothing more dangerous than a shopaholic in a confined space consisting of stores!   One time, I even bought a bracelet on an international flight!  While most folks think that the Duty Free shops are the best part of airport shopping, the true unsung heroes are the tourist stands.  Thanks to the airport gift shop, I was able to purchase gifts without actually visiting a single tourist attraction.  I got beach time while my sister will get a nice magnet/pencil/keychain.  Seriously, airport shopping... think about it.

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