Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ABC: as simple as NYC

ABC: three little letters, three great concepts:  Carpet, Home and Kitchen.

ABC Carpet and Home is a one-of-a-kind Gramercy department store of sorts that boasts unique gifts and home decor with a personal touch and a vintage flair.  This store is fun to window shop in and pick up trinkets imported from other countries without leaving our fair city.

Though always intrigued by ABC's classy kitch, I recently became aware that ABC Kitchen, a restaurant around the corner, is also affiliated with the brand.  Amazing "fresh from the farm" food is served on rustic bowls and purposely mismatched dishes.  Waiters and waitresses wear plaid shirts and the ceiling of the eatery is made of heavy earth worn beams of wood that appear to have been air-lifted from a midwestern barn.   The divine food combinations are so succulent that I had to restrain myself from consuming everything on the menu!  Although I had to make a reservation far in advance, it was well worth the wait, and made for a very special birthday present to a wonderful friend!

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