Monday, August 29, 2011

Rue La La! (.com)

Bonjour! Online shopping: guilty pleasure? Oui!  Efficient? No doubt.

I work long hours.  Most stores are closed by the time I can get to them.  That is why I LOVE online shopping.  One of my fave sites is:  New brands every day!  Men's, women's, bags, shoes, furniture, trips, and coming soon: KIDS (Little Rue)

My fave 3 things about this site are:

1.  "Sunday Night Style-a-thon" that happens Sundays at 9pm.  Boutiques open up and its first come first serve to purchase hot brands at discounted prices.    Once you sign up for Rue, you will get e-mails to remind you of when to shop!

2.  "Max and Cleo"- a wonderful brand of stylish, comfortable dresses that can be worn to work or a wedding.  They are made for curvy girls and they look so so good.   At over 50% off the price, they look even better!

3. The always creatively illustrated and often updated "Ruelala" home page graphic.  You can read about the ever-changing art on "The Artists of Rue".

Ruelala is free to sign up for, so get on the hottest virtual street there is, baby! Au Revoir!

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