Friday, August 19, 2011

Cawfee Talk

In my very best Jersey (Long Island?) accent, Starbucks VIA cawfee is the perfect morning pick-me-up for the guy or gal on the go.   Say your alarm clock malfunctions (you hit snooze in a sleepy stupor), and you can't seem to figure out how to use your newfangled coffee machine.  You miss the good train and are forced to walk 2 avenues in order to make it to work to hand scan in just in time for that 8:30 am meeting.

 No time for a coffee run and no assistant/ intern to get one for you?  If you've got a mug and hot water, you're golden.   This isn't Sanka instant coffee from 1977.  This is hot chocolate, caramel, deep brewed goodness with a caffeine KICK.  And it comes in several flavors.  My gawd, its better than a trip to the mawl.

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