Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go Bananas for Havaianas

Flip flops in the rain: friend or foe?  When the treads have worn down and you spend the day skating through the city on unsteady footing, they are the enemy.  Its time to combat flip flop fury!

 I am bananas for Havaianas, a Brazilian flip flop brand that marries comfort and durability with style.  Create your own design or choose from a multitude of vibrant prints and color combinations.  Or take the safe route and opt for understated.  I purchased the black "Slim flip flop."  It has thin straps for a more delicate, feminine look.  Black is a safe color because it does not show dirt as easily.  Trust me, no pedicurist wants to touch your gnarly 2 year old white flip flops.

I tried on my first pair of Havaianas 6 years ago at a high-end Parisian department store, and I would never have survived the cobblestone streets of the Latin Quarter without 'em.  All around the world, folks are going ape over these flip flops. Find out what all the fuss is about.

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