Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Denim Crush: Skinny Bootcut

I love the slimming effect of skinny jeans, but I am sick of the "penguin" look.  You know what I'm talking about. When your jeans taper down tightly around the ankles, emphasizing your hips and making you look like you are about to waddle off onto an iceberg.

Today, I tried on, fell in love with and purchased Skinny Bootcut jeans.  Of course, mine are the Levi's Demi Skinny Bootcut fit because they are the only brand of jeans I can wear to work.  But hey, I can wear jeans to work!

Skinny bootcut combines the best of both worlds: the skinny fit you love at your upper thighs and a gentle leg opening at the hem that balances out your figure.  This is NOT a 70's super flare bell-bottom by any means- just a little breathing room for your ankles.  Plus, the jeans have stretch for added comfort and contour.  Try on a pair. You will thank me when you see your reflection!

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