Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birttle Daytle Toodle Youdle

Silly little song my mom used to sing.  (My family had creative ways of singing happy birthday.)  Today, I am a year older.  I may not be wiser, thinner or more successful, but damn am I a better shopper.

Here's why:  Taking advise from wise shopping sages, I am buying classic pieces that will last.  Instead of splurging on many trendy "here today, gone tomorrow" looks, I am investing in the basics (mine happen to be black).

1. I used my Ralph Lauren gift card that I received from the US Open to purchase this fabulous skirt and save $50.00 at Ralph Lauren Rugby.  I love the design of this skirt because the sweater knit provides comfort and creates a silhouette that curves in all the right places.
2.  I have discovered adjustable boots that are appropriate for work. I win! Go Piperlime or go home. Can you feel it?  The pure excitement! A zipper and a discreet lace-up back.  Sleek minimalist look with flat heel for maximum walkability.  Great for fall or indoor heating.  I hope these will be a suitable replacement to all my failed boot attempts of too tight zippers and busted side seams. 

3. Also a hot Piperlime find: these two-toned flats.  Shiny toe with matte body makes for an understated professional look.  Rachel Zoe Picked 'em! Me likey!

4. Last but not least, a purse with a zipper closure. Magnetic closures are fun... until they deactivate your credit cards and metro card. I've been burned twice before and now I'm not taking any chances.  I hope this Hobo will be my Hero.  Cole Haan created this slouchy number without a lot of heavy bells and whistles to weigh my shoulder down.  It is dressy enough to go from day to night, so if a last-minute happy hour springs up, I'm good to go!  I took advantage of Bloomingdale's Hot Savings, happening now through Sept 18th. 

And now: perhaps I should demagnetize my credit cards till next year :)

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