Sunday, September 4, 2011

On a Mission for Missoni! Got my TARGET in my sights!

Missoni.  Retro-chic Zig Zag Italian goddess knits.  They usually cost a boatload, but Target has collaborated with Missoni to bring the zigs and the zags to the people.  From sweaters to swimsuits, from luggage to laptop cases, you can deck yourself out!

If you can't wait until Sept. 13 for the line to officially launch, you can try to claw your way into the POP UP SHOP opening Sept 8th for Fashion's Night Out! You can Meet the Missoni gals themselves.  It is SURE to be a ZOO and items will sell out FASTer than you cay say "I saw that bathing suit first and you're too fat for it anyway, biatch!"

But if you are brave enough to withstand the madness and spectacle of it all, head down to Bryant Park to check it out!

My favorite way to shop the Target designer collab. collections is going to East Hanover, NJ where the goods don't get pilfered as quickly.  All of the savvy Brooklynistas pick apart their Target in a heartbeat.  The clothes will be at the thrift store before I ever see them.  Due to my lack of motor vehicle, I'll stalk the website and hope I get my mouse on something good!

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