Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorel Boots: for People with Calves

I have calves.  Not monstrously enormous bulging Hulk Hogan-like calves, just the presence of muscles that happen to be in the lower back quadrant of my legs.  Most boot designers seem to think that people do not have these.  They also think that people can fit tight rubber cylinder boots that are "adjustable" or whatever over their jeans!  So silly.

Thankfully, after much trial and tribulation, I ordered a pair of Sorel boots.   From their retro chic styling to their waterproof materials, they are the epitome of fashion meets function.  Most importantly, Sorel boots lace up, so they (drumroll please) ADJUST!

Inclement weather, beware: now I will not fall or slip and my feet will stay warm and dry.  When I get indoors, I will be able to take these boots off without hopping on one leg and inevitably falling over to release the vacuum of suction that has left an indent on my leg! Hooray!  I'm sure not sorry about Sorel!

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